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The Blow

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  • Formed: Portland, OR
  • Years Active: 2000s
  • Group Members: Khaela Maricich
  • Website: theblow.org
  • Recent Activity: 09.28.16 we want to hear women talk about producing so we organized this: w/ @NekoCase @suziAnalog @ZOLAJESUS @mihohatori… https://t.co/rGv8BslcSp
  • The Blow


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Group Members: Khaela Maricich

All Music Guide:

The Blow are an electro-pop band featuring Khaela Maricich and Melissa Dyne. Maricich formerly released recordings under the name Get the Hell Out of the Way of the Volcano, after which she recorded (with the help of some guests) for K under the name the Blow, beginning with 2002's Bonus Album, which was followed by The Concussive Caress, or, Casey Caught Her Mom Singing Along with the Vacuum in 2003. Maricich collaborated with Jona Bechtolt for several releases, including 2004's limited-edition EP Poor Aim: Love Songs, the following year's Everyday Examples of Humans Facing Straight into the Blow (which contained material previously released under Maricich's earlier Volcano moniker), and 2006's Paper Television. With Bechtolt departing to focus on his own project YACHT, Maricich began collaborating with sound and installation artist Dyne in 2007, and relocated to Brooklyn in 2008. The Blow began recording tracks for a fourth album in 2011; The Blow appeared in September 2013.

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Interview: The Blow

By Tobi Vail, Contributor

The Blow's new self-titled album is Khaela Maricich's first release in seven years. Most artists who pause that long between records struggle to regain their momentum. Instead, Maricich's reinvention of the group — this time with girlfriend Melissa Dyne — is the next logical chapter in girl-penned indie-electronic pop, sure to satisfy anyone anxiously awaiting a sequel to 2006's Paper Television. Their artistic partnership celebrates the camaraderie of commitment through creative work, and sounds like… more »


36 Songs To Soothe the Pain

By Wondering Sound Staff, Contributor

Whether you're happily married or told Cupid to shove it a long time ago, we can all agree on one thing: to quote the one-and-only Nazareth, "Love hurts/ Love scars/ Love wounds/ And mars." Or something. That's why we went ahead and compiled a list of 36 Songs To Soothe the Pain, from the bloodletting confessionals of Neko Case, Bright Eyes and Sunny Day Real Estate to the melancholic melodies of Sigur Rós, the Shangri-Las… more »


  • 09.28.16 we want to hear women talk about producing so we organized this: w/ @NekoCase @suziAnalog @ZOLAJESUS @mihohatori… https://t.co/rGv8BslcSp
  • 09.28.16 maybe nobody is liking your things because they're all doing something better than the internet
  • 09.27.16 significant triumph that @HillaryClinton debated a serial liar for 90 minutes without bursting into screams https://t.co/2rnTfiK9K2
  • 09.27.16 Wish this moderator would grow a pair and cut the racist off
  • 09.27.16 "His cavalier attitude about nuclear weapons is deeply troubling."
  • 09.27.16 RT @nplusonemag: What do you think trump is doodling while she lays into him for racism?
  • 09.27.16 do trump supporters think he's winning
  • 09.26.16 curb alert: 360 State St BKlyn https://t.co/rpmzacy9cP
  • 09.24.16 https://t.co/3noeRGRsJL
  • 09.22.16 how many female producers can you name https://t.co/yQbitiQrXC https://t.co/iPjaLTNe3o
  • 09.18.16 hear these women talk about producing @nekocase @ZOLAJESUS @mihohatori @suziAnalog @deradoorian @Val_Inc @YukaCHonda https://t.co/5Oxl25IDYt