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The Cave Singers

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  • Formed: Seattle, WA
  • Years Active: 2000s
  • Website: http://thecavesingers.com
  • Recent Activity: 07.29.15 RT @zwickelicious: Have you heard the solo album from @thecavesingers singer Pete Quirk? Beautiful stuff. Stream: http://t.co/ZJadvjm6OA
  • The Cave Singers

  • The Cave Singers


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All Music Guide:

Given the rising popularity of meditative, folky indie acts in the early 2000s, forming a twangy, rootsy folk trio was probably the least surprising move Derek Fudesco could have made. The former bassist and founding member of the successful indie rock group Pretty Girls Make Graves picked up an acoustic guitar and formed the Cave Singers following PGMG's demise in January 2007, teaming up with vocalist Pete Quirk (formerly of Hint Hint) and drummer Marty Lund (formerly of Cobra High). Though not an "official" member, ex-PGMGer Andrea Zollo made an appearance on the group's first album as a vocalist and washboard player. Drawing from canonical folkies like Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie, and sounding more than a little like other early-2000s acts like Lightning Dust, the Snake the Cross the Crown, and Samamidon, the group had its first album, Invitation Songs, recorded and ready to go (thanks in large part to Black Mountain producer Colin Stewart) within months of PGMG's breakup. Matador picked up the trio soon after, and following a few delays Invitation Songs was slated for release in late September. The band continued on a similar path for 2008's Welcome Joy, but worked with producer Randall Dunn -- who also made albums with Sunn 0))) and Boris -- on 2011's eclectic No Witch. Following that record the band was joined by former Blood Brothers bassist Morgan Henderson, who was also doing time as bassist in Fleet Foxes. The expanded group spent 2012 working on their summery fourth album Naomi, which was released on Jagjaguar in early 2013.

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Date Venue Location Tickets
09.05.15 Seattle Center Seattle, WA US
09.05.15 Seattle Center Seattle, WA US


  • 07.29.15 RT @zwickelicious: Have you heard the solo album from @thecavesingers singer Pete Quirk? Beautiful stuff. Stream: http://t.co/ZJadvjm6OA
  • 07.25.15 RT @RFIMastering: Wow. Please give this record a spin: "Fail On, Fail Better" from the very talented local artist, Peter Quirk.... http://t…
  • 07.24.15 RT @Johnski_beat: This from Kodiak Deathbeds is gorgeous by the way, feat the brilliant Amber Webber of @_blackmountain_: https://t.co/fnpd…
  • 07.22.15 RT @alanranta: "Cross that Line" by Kodiak Deathbeds (Amber Webber + @DFudesco), from their eponymous debut album due AUG.18.2015 • https:/…
  • 07.22.15 Whoa! We did it, with 8 days left to go. A huge THANK YOU to everyone that bought our record early, it's gonna be a good one.
  • 07.20.15 RT @stereogum: .@thecavesingers are crowd-funding their new album, planning to record with Randall Dunn http://t.co/3IsnmTtQPT http://t.co/…
  • 07.19.15 Only 13 tickets left for our show in Sept. PM us for more info. Tickets available here... https://t.co/FIHZDAhtV3
  • 07.18.15 We're playing a small/private show at the Rendezvous in September. Tickets available through our Indiegogo campaign. https://t.co/FIHZDAhtV3
  • 07.17.15 RT @tldunning: @thecavesingers I was watching the White Sox game today and saw a Cave Singers fan in the stands. http://t.co/aTOWlIbQtK
  • 07.17.15 13 days left! Please consider buying our record early to help us fund it. https://t.co/FIHZDAhtV3
  • 07.17.15 RT @nichemusic_info: 画の温もりが素敵!シアトルのフォークデュオ Kodiak Deathbedsが'Against The Wind'のMVを公開 http://t.co/EURab4ACcg http://t.co/v4UCCdHQjI
  • 07.16.15 Check out a video from the Kodiak Deathbeds record.. https://t.co/UkR1uIfP4r