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The Hoppers

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Group Members: Claude Hopper

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Best-known for their hit recording of "Shoutin' Time," the family Southern gospel group the Hoppers formed all the way back in the '70s, performed at the Ronald Reagan religious inaugural ceremony in 1981, but didn't find their greatest popular success until the '90s. Formed by Claude Hopper, along with his wife Connie in their native North Carolina, the Hoppers began to hit their stride as a family performing unit in 1981, when their oldest son and drummer, Dean, became a frequent lead vocalist. Meanwhile, their youngest son, Mike, became the new drummer at the tender age of 13, and the Hoppers won two consecutive Mixed Vocal Group awards at the Southern Gospel Music Awards in 1982-1983. In 1988, Dean married singer Kim Greene, who had previously performed for ten years in her own family gospel group, the Greenes; she officially joined the Hoppers in 1989 and became perhaps their most recognizable voice. In 1990, the Hoppers scored their first major hit single with "Here I Am," touching off a long string of successes that also included "Milk and Honey," "Mention My Name," "Anchor to the Power of the Cross," "Heavenly Sunrise," "That's Him," and "Yes I Am." In the midst of that string in 1996, Mike Hopper's new wife Denice joined the group as a pianist. While the Hoppers were already enjoying success on the traditional gospel circuit, their 1998 recording of the traditional number "Shoutin' Time" took their career to a whole new level; performed on a video documentation of that year's Gaither Homecoming Tour, the song became a smash hit. Riding its momentum, the Hoppers dominated the Southern Gospel Music Awards (especially the mixed-group categories) for several years afterwards.

The Hoppers continued to perform on the Gaither Homecoming Tour; Claude and Dean both serving on the board of directors for the North Carolina Gospel Music Hall of Fame, while Mike has dabbled in acting with an appearance on the TV show Touched By an Angel. In 2000, the Hoppers signed a new record deal with Spring Hill, debuting with the album Power; compilations of their early-'90s work for Sonlite (two volumes of Timepieces) and the late-'90s years on Homeland (Shoutin' Time: Best of the Hoppers) are available for newcomers to catch up.


The Hoppers (until 1981: Hopper Brothers and Connie) are a Southern Gospel group from North Carolina.

The Hoppers are a family ensemble which first began performing together in 1957. They appeared at the inauguration ceremony for Ronald Reagan in 1981. They won awards for Mixed Vocal Group at the Southern Gospel Music Awards in 1982 and 1983.

Kim Greene of The Greenes joined the group in 1989 after marrying vocalist and former drummer Dean Hopper the year before. Their first major hit at Christian radio was "Here I Am", in 1990; they would score many further hits, including "Milk and Honey," "Mention My Name," "Anchor to the Power of the Cross," "Heavenly Sunrise," "That's Him," and "Yes I Am."

Mike Hopper married Denice in 1996, who became the group's pianist. In 1998, their version of "Shoutin' Time" became their biggest hit, and the group performed with Bill and Gloria Gaither. They won several further Southern Gospel Music Awards in following years. In addition member Connie Hopper won the career Marvin Norcross Award in 1998. They also performed on the album Tribute To Dottie Rambo, which was a nominee for "Special Event Album of the Year" at the Dove Awards of 1999.

The group has appeared on the Gaither Homecoming tour frequently, and Claude and Dean Hopper are members of the board of directors of the North Carolina Gospel Music Hall of Fame. Mike Hopper has appeared on the television program Touched by an Angel.

In 2007, the Hoppers signed to the shortly revived Canaan Record Label. Their release, "The Ride", was originally recorded independently, then re-released on the Canaan label. January 2009 brought the first recording under the Canaan umbrella titled, "North America, Live!". With distribution under the Spring Hill Music Group label, the Hoppers have released "Something's Happening" in August 2010.

Kim Hopper has released two solo projects, "Imagine" under the Spring Hill Label, and most recently (August 2008) "I Just Wanted You To Know" with Canaan Records.

Group accolades[edit]

Favorite Mixed Group Award 1997-98-99-00-01-02-03-05-08-09-10-11-12 Mixed Vocal Group SGMA 1982-83-98-99-00-01 "Hearts-A-Flame" Mixed Group Award 95-96-97

Connie Favorite Alto Award 1998-99-00 and the Prestigious Marvin Norcross Award in 1998 Queen of Gospel Music 83-84 Person of the year 2005 Inducted into Southern Gospel Hall of Fame in 2010

Kim Female Vocalist "Hearts-A-Flame" 95-96-97 Female Vocalist SGMA 99 Young Artist Singing News Soprano 97-98-99-00-01-02-03-04-05-06-07-08-09-10-11-12 Female Vocalist Singing News 99-00-01-07-08-09-10-11-12 Female Vocalist Voice Diamonds 99

Michael Favorite Musician 2001-2005 Favorite Artist Web Site 2005


Claude Hopper - current Bass vocals (1957–present)Will Hopper - tenor vocals (1957-1983)Connie Hopper (née Shelton) - piano, current Alto vocals (1958–present)Dean Hopper - drums, bass guitar, current Lead vocals (1983–present)Kim Hopper (née Greene) - current soprano vocals (1989–present)Mike Hopper - drums, vocalsLewis Wells - piano (2006-2008)Josh Simpson - piano (2004-2005; 2011–present)Denice Hopper - piano (1996-2002)Rex Foster - piano (1970-1971)Shannon Childress - piano, vocals (1986-1997)Greg Bentley - guitar, vocals (1985-1988)Sharon Watts - vocals (1983-1986)Johnny Porrazzo-piano, vocals (1972-1975)Debra Talley - vocals (1979-1982)Kirk Talley - vocals (1976-1980)Roger Talley - piano, vocals (1974-1983)Steve Keen- piano, vocals (1983-1985)Karlye Hopper- vocals (2007–present)Jacob Crisp- piano (2009-2011)
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