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The Weakerthans

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  • The Weakerthans

  • The Weakerthans

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Group Members: Steve Carroll, John K. Samson, John Sutton Band

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Formed after Propagandhi member John K. Samson got the itch to perform and record again after taking a sabbatical to write and start a publishing company, the Winnipeg-based Weakerthans took Samson's music in a completely different direction. Propagandhi had been known for powerful, speedy punk and overtly political lyrics, but the Weakerthans went down a more melodic and introspective path. Consisting of Red Fisher drummer Jason Tait and bassist John Sutton, the Weakerthans took their name from a line from the film adaptation of Marguerite Duras' The Lover: "Go ahead, I'm weaker than you can possibly imagine." The band prided itself on its high standards, both as political beings (shying away from large label or distribution contracts because of their connection to exploitation) and in their personal lives (promoting vegetarianism) and received critical praise for their debut album, Fallow, which was issued in 1998 on a co-operative label, G7& Welcoming Records. With the added presence of guitarist Steve Carroll, the group's second full-length, Left and Leaving, was issued in early 2000 and the Watermark EP followed a year later. By 2003, the band found a deal with Epitaph and issued Reconstruction Site, their breakthrough album. Soon after, however, Sutton left the Weakerthans, only to be replaced with bassist/keyboardist Greg Smith, and in 2007 the band released the fourth album in their ten-year tenure, Reunion Tour.


  • 04.25.15 John K. Samson & Jason Tait debut new songs with Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers (@WpgContemps), May 7-9, http://t.co/JvIdrCZDSk
  • 10.15.14 RT @SchonebergGigs: Happy to announce that John K. Samson @theweakerthans has been upgraded from @thelexington to @OsloHackney on Dec 8 @fr…
  • 10.15.14 John K. Samson has some solo acoustic shows in europe coming up: http://t.co/A4RPjZMbq0
  • 07.10.14 RT @bensigurdson: With the new bus singing bylaw would @theweakerthans be fined $100 each or $100 in total? http://t.co/WKcfK5cBIi
  • 02.02.14 #Winnipeg - We'll have a garage sale at @ThomBargen on Feb 8. Come down and get your hands on some rare merch. http://t.co/EWtEd7yRFk
  • 10.07.13 More fun poster art... http://t.co/uKm4SYaZVg
  • 09.30.13 Here's another gem of a poster for a 2009 run. http://t.co/I5LC6ZTmVI
  • 09.25.13 Nice poster from back in the 0's http://t.co/zgoPPhTtUg
  • 09.23.13 A cool old file we found by local artist Marcel Dzama. http://t.co/r0b2Io1mv5
  • 09.10.13 C. Fellows and John K. Samson are Writers-in-Residence at the University of Manitoba Centre for Creative Writing... http://t.co/mkHcYz9WbH
  • 09.02.13 Thanks for the amazing show Calgary. #xfest http://t.co/m1H4C90G2N
  • 08.31.13 We're here! http://t.co/XGvFkveiPa