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  • 02.20.17 If you append nos. 1-10175 to my complete tweets, they become a very readable tweet storm about my life
  • 02.19.17 What do u even know about my life https://t.co/NWxum0jRW5
  • 02.16.17 RT @JamesUrbaniak: Puzder Withdraws was the worst Updike novel.
  • 02.15.17 tfw the underlying structure of my music is revealed to U https://t.co/aGtQXrIx6b
  • 02.15.17 all art is political https://t.co/FmOzeeRvns
  • 02.14.17 Today is valentine’s day and also garbage day, remember to put chocolate out for the garbage man
  • 02.13.17 If u bring ur moms to the grammys I can’t help it i’m going to LIKE U
  • 02.12.17 Yesterday just a wealth of signage https://t.co/wV5Phvrzuu
  • 02.11.17 Maybe best name/logo/signage trifecta in NYC https://t.co/WIB4454HSk
  • 02.11.17 Just had some fun, it was exhausting
  • 02.10.17 separation of powers update: I have just been #blessed by the DHL man
  • 02.10.17 RT @SmithsonianArch: Infographics by W. E. B. Du Bois, 375k public domain images from @metmuseum + a world map of archives! #LinkLove https…