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  • 01.19.17 Blind Banister meets Berlin @ Berliner Philharmonie https://t.co/qsjFfG2sh9
  • 01.13.17 The artist at work https://t.co/dBKyrhsR5J
  • 01.13.17 Cincinnati is lit https://t.co/5R6cRKaNl9
  • 01.11.17 RT @jamesmcvinnie: Music in 12 Parts by @philipglass at @BarbicanCentre May 1st 2017 Excited this is happening! https://t.co/qePHLj7otS
  • 01.11.17 Targeted ads pretty on message this morning https://t.co/g0EXkL9xzG
  • 01.10.17 saw my cat in a dark corner & thought it was a corgi & then realized it was just the cat & now am dejected
  • 01.10.17 RT @robknopper1: i usually go paperless but this tweet deserved to be emailed, printed out, and posted on the literal @sfsymphony percussio…
  • 01.09.17 Every picture of Jared Kushner https://t.co/172pGAVfMc
  • 01.09.17 . @nicomuhly U https://t.co/MjIQQ078gD
  • 01.09.17 Calling someone a “rockstar” is a terrible way to pay them a compliment considering that in 2017 it could mean “a member of Maroon 5”
  • 01.09.17 Really grosses me out that there’s water in coffee