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Treva Whateva

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  • Years Active: 2000s
  • Recent Activity: 01.23.17 Keep Sherwood Forest free of the filthy frackers - sign...https://t.co/zFifCkaH2b
  • Treva Whateva

  • Treva Whateva


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All Music Guide:

The funky Treva Whateva was born in Stockport, England. Growing up addicted to vinyl, it seemed natural that his first proper job would be at a record store. The year was 1993 and the store was Boom! Tunes, owned by future Jeep Beat Collective DJ the Ruf (aka Dave the Ruf). The store eventually went out of business, and after a couple years out of the music business, Treva went to work for the Fat City record store and label in 1997. He helped put together the label's Mystic Brew compilations while working on his own music. The track "Tum and Waist" on the fourth edition of DJ Morpheus' Freezone series was his debut, and after a couple years and some more compilation appearances, he signed to the Skint label in 2000. The EPs Overdrawn & Overdue and Long Time Female Friend appeared on the label before he switched to Coldcut's Ninja Tune in 2002. In 2004, the Dance Class EP became his first release for the label. EPs couldn't hold all of the quirkiness and whimsy of Treva's music for long, so in 2005 he released his first full-length, Music's Made of Memories.


  • 01.23.17 Keep Sherwood Forest free of the filthy frackers - sign...https://t.co/zFifCkaH2b
  • 06.25.16 Worth a shot... Petition: EU Referendum Rules triggering a 2nd EU Referendum https://t.co/XVW9NZ1EYj
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  • 12.11.15 Petition: Debate a vote of no confidence in Rt Hon Amber Rudd Sec of State (DECC) https://t.co/NBwJlmOb8u
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  • 12.10.14 RT @saxrepairs: Looking forward to tonight's gig @AntwerpMansion with @stephenrjacob @treva_whateva and @TheUpliftersUK #ska #Manchester
  • 09.08.14 Just listening back to the @TheUpliftersUK on @DavidRodigan (about 1h19 in) last night BBC 1Xtra - Big up one & all!
  • 09.01.14 RT @DavidRodigan: @TheUpliftersUK check out 'Rosco' Hammond organ style plus 'Blow The Doors Off' from Manchester's finest 'Pure Ska Music'…