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  • Born: New Orleans, LA
  • Years Active: 2000s


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New Orleans-based rapper Turk was first discovered in 1996 when the owners of Cash Money Records (brothers Ronald "Slim" Williams and Brian "Baby" Williams) discovered him rapping and rhyming in the nearby Magnolia projects. Later that same year, Turk made his recording debut with a cameo on Juvenile's solo debut, Solja Rags. Turk was billed as Young Turk and welcomed into the newly formed Hot Boys (who also included Juvenile, B.G., and Lil Wayne), issuing Get It How U Live! in 1997 and Guerilla Warfare two years later. Turk continued to make cameos on other rapper's recordings, including Juvenile's big hits 400 Degreez and Tha G-Code, Lil Wayne's Tha Block Is Hot and Lights Out, as well as B.G.'s It's All on U, Vol. 1 and It's All on U, Vol. 2. June 2001 saw the release of Turk's solo debut, Young and Thuggin', on Universal Records. Turk recorded Untamed Guerilla for Cash Money as a follow-up but soon jumped ship to Koch, following in the footsteps of B.G. Untamed Guerilla remained unreleased and Turk made his Koch debut in 2003 with Raw and Uncut.

In January 2004, Turk was in a Memphis, TN, apartment when narcotics officers and SWAT team members stormed in. According to police, Turk shot an officer during the drug raid; the rapper claimed he was hiding in the closet without a gun. At a preliminary hearing a charge of first-degree attempted murder was reduced to second-degree attempted murder, but Turk was not granted bail. He was awaiting trial in prison as his third album, Penitentiary Chances, hit the streets in April 2004.


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Turkic peoples, a collection of ethnic groups that live in northern, eastern, central and western Asia, northwestern China and parts of eastern Europe Turkish people, an ethnic group primarily living in Turkey and parts of the BalkansOttoman Turks, historical Turkish-speaking population of the Ottoman Empire who formed the base of the state's military and ruling classesSeljuq Turks, a historical Turkish Sunni Muslim dynasty that gradually adopted Persian cultureOghuz Turks, a historical Turkic tribal confederation conventionally named Oghuz Yabgu State in Central Asia during the early medieval periodGöktürks, a Turkic people of ancient Central AsiaKarlugh Turks, an ethnic group found in Pakistan and central asiaTurk (caste), a Muslim community found in Uttar Pradesh, IndiaTurk Jamat, a Muslim community found in Gujarat, IndiaYoung Turks, a political party in the late Ottoman Empire


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Turkish languageTurkish alphabetTurkic languagesOld Turkic languageOld Turkic alphabet


Turk (surname)Turk (rapper), a New Orleans rapperPhilippe Liégeois, a comic book artist whose pen name is Turk


The Turk, a fake chess-playing machineAmazon Mechanical Turk or MTurk, is an Amazon web service that pays individuals to perform tasks.


Turks (Final Fantasy VII), minor antagonists in the video game Final Fantasy VII and supporting characters in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII seriesTurks, a motorcycle club in the 1985 film MaskChristopher Turk, generally known as "Turk", a character on the TV series ScrubsVirgil Sollozzo, a character in The Godfather who is nicknamed "The Turk"Turkish, a character in Snatch (film) (2000)The Turk (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles), an episode of Terminator: The Sarah Connor ChroniclesThe Turk a chess computer from the TV series Terminator: The Sarah Connor ChroniclesTurk Barrett, a secondary character from the Daredevil comicsTerry Lynch, a character in the film Turk 182 whose nickname is Turk