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  • Years Active: 1990s, 2000s


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Twine combine samples, digitally generated tones, and processed instruments into an electronic mix that defies easy categorization. Though they share certain sonic signifiers with laptop artists like Autechre (the use of glitches and digital mistakes, extensive DSP processing), Twine seem to focus more on composition than sound generation or atmosphere, resulting in tracks with a pronounced cinematic bent. Twine's Greg Malcolm and Chad Mossholder started making music together in high school in Cleveland, OH. Though they dabbled in punk rock, a shared interest in industrial music pulled the friends toward electronics. The group was a trio for a short time after forming at Kent State University in 1997, but Twine ultimately became Malcolm and Mossholder's project. Both have studied computers and technology formally. Mossholder pays rent as a sound designer for a video game company in Boulder, CO, while Malcolm works as an audio engineer in Cleveland. The pair collaborate by exchanging tapes and sound files through the mail and across the Internet.

The first Twine release was the full-length Reference in 1999. Following a buzz-building contribution to Hefty's exceptional Immediate Action series, Twine issued their second CD, Recorder, in 2002, a dark and deep album that evidenced building confidence (the vinyl-only Circulation came out on Sweden's Komplott label in 2001). Along the way, Twine found time to contribute two compilations of loops and textures to be incorporated by end users into Sonic Foundry's influential Acid software, and they remained an active touring unit. A third, self-titled album for Ghostly International arrived in 2003, followed by a digital-only release of their Surfaces EP in 2006. An atmospheric full-length titled Violets appeared in spring of 2008.