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  • Born: Los Angeles, CA
  • Years Active: 1990s, 2000s
  • Recent Activity: 06.03.15 A lot of undiscovered magicians who have mastered the art of creating smoke...... Protect yourself… https://t.co/uPK0hBXMVe


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R&B singer and actor Tyrese Gibson -- referred to as Tyrese -- began his career at the age of 14, performing in local talent shows around his home in Los Angeles' Watts section; his big break came when he starred in a commercial for Coca-Cola, followed shortly in 1998 by his self-titled debut album for RCA. 2000 Watts arrived three years later and I Wanna Go There appeared a year after that, but it wasn't until late 2006 that he released his fourth album, Alter Ego, a double-disc set split between R&B and rap material. Even with the four-year gap between releases, Alter Ego was Tyrese's fourth consecutive Top Ten R&B album. Another five years passed before Open Invitation (2011), where he declared to his listeners that music has always been his first love. A couple years later, he teamed up with Tank and Ginuwine for Three Kings, the debut album from his R&B super-group TGT. As an actor, he has either starred or co-starred in Baby Boy, 2 Fast 2 Furious, and Four Brothers. He has also executive produced a number of series for television, including First In, K-Town, and Roll Models.


Tyrese is a given name. Notable people with the name include:


Tyrese Gibson, American Grammy nominated R&B singer-songwriter, rapper, actor, author, television producerTyrese Rice, American professional basketball player


  • 06.03.15 A lot of undiscovered magicians who have mastered the art of creating smoke...... Protect yourself… https://t.co/uPK0hBXMVe
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