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Vivian Girls

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  • Formed: Brooklyn, NY
  • Years Active: 2000s
  • Group Members: Frankie Rose
  • Website: http://www.freewebs.com/viviangirls/
  • Recent Activity: 02.24.17 RT @hernameisali: Mike engineered @viviangirls - EGW. Mental illness & addiction ravage so many talented creatives. Please share, even if y…
  • Vivian Girls

  • Vivian Girls

  • Vivian Girls

  • Vivian Girls


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Group Members: Frankie Rose

All Music Guide:

Deriving their name from the ill-fated characters featured in the work of writer/illustrator Henry Darger, the Vivian Girls (not to be confused with the "craft pop" duo of the same name) are a Brooklyn-based trio whose gritty, lo-fi tunes nod to seminal indie pop acts like Black Tambourine, Talulah Gosh, and Tiger Trap. Comprised of guitarist/vocalist Cassie Ramone, bassist Kickball Katy (Goodman), and drummer Ali Koehler, the Vivian Girls sprang into the indie circuit in 2008 with a handful of 7" singles released on a passel of small labels, including "Wild Eyes" (Plays with Dolls Records), "Orphanage" (Woodsist Records), and "I Can't Stay" (In the Red Records). Their self-titled debut full-length was released on Mauled by Tigers and In the Red in September that same year. The record became something of a sensation and the trio spent the year touring and gaining fans the world over. Their quickly recorded follow-up album, Everything Goes Wrong, was released in late summer of 2009. After switching out drummers in the summer of 2010 (Ali joined Best Coast and was replaced by Coasting's drummer Fiona Campbell) and taking a break for other projects (Ramone formed Babies with Woods' bass player Kevin Morby, Goodman formed La Sera with Brady Hall), the group hit the studio in late 2010 to record their third album. Share the Joy was released in April of 2011 on their new label Polyvinyl.

eMusic Features


New Adventures in Hi-Fi

By David Greenwald, Contributor

D.I.Y. and hi-fi have rarely gone hand in hand. From the muscular crackle of Black Flag to the basement anthems of Guided by Voices, the sound of indie rock has long been the proudly noisy product of four walls and a four-track recorder. As laptops have replaced boomboxes, the aesthetic has endured, with bands embracing digital fuzz as a signal of both outsider cool and a thin wallet. But with the late-2000s lo-fi boom that launched… more »


2011: Garage Rock Grows Up

By Mike McGonigal, Contributor

Four years ago, I flew from Portland to New York to see my favorite band, New Zealand's garage-pop trio the Clean, play three shows at a glorious pit called Cake Shop. The openers were Crystal Stilts, a Brooklyn group with no records out whose moody and noisy music pushed all the right buttons. I quickly befriended the group, especially guitarist JB Townsend and his then-girlfriend Frankie Rose, whose own band Vivian Girls were soon-to-be favorites.… more »


Who Are…Grass Widow

By Caryn Ganz, Contributor

"A major theme in the way we work is we don't have a frontperson and we really do everything together," says Hannah Lew, "so I'm going to do my best to represent all of us." She makes a good point: Grass Widow's sound is completely dependent on interlocking voices and roaming guitar and bass lines that zip past and into each other, generating tense pockets of dissonance and beautiful moments of resolution. The group's second… more »


Label Profile: Captured Tracks

By J. Edward Keyes, Editor-in-Chief

File Under: Ragged, guitar-based indie pop; jangle-'n'-reverb forever! Flagship Acts: Beach Fossils, Wild Nothing, the Fresh & Onlys, the Girls At Dawn Based In: Brooklyn, New York When I first meet Mike Sniper, he's drinking Patron Silver at an Oyster Bar in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. From any other record executive, the scene would be typical to the point of almost seeming mundane. But Sniper is the founder of the tiny, ragged Brooklyn indie Captured Tracks, a label that prizes… more »


  • 02.24.17 RT @hernameisali: Mike engineered @viviangirls - EGW. Mental illness & addiction ravage so many talented creatives. Please share, even if y…
  • 09.15.16 RT @fredthomasmusic: So thrilled to be a part of this 20 year anniversary comp for my homies @Polyvinyl. I cover a song by @viviangirls htt…
  • 09.15.16 RT @pitchfork: La Sera (@iamkatygoodman) announce new EP, share "Queens" https://t.co/DhkxVGQxhS https://t.co/3kJtxg8enI
  • 03.04.16 The new La Sera album is now avail on iTunes! https://t.co/OORXujoYnm or buy a copy from @Polyvinyl https://t.co/RZ5OUPuo37 😎❤️🙏🎸✌️
  • 02.19.16 RT @stereogum: SNL's Aidy Bryant releases short film featuring former @VivianGirls https://t.co/4erVLyI5ha https://t.co/YnevaXwrdU
  • 02.14.16 RT @iamkatygoodman: Happy Valentines Day from Vivian Girls at our last LA show on 2/14/14 ❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/XFQvEObQTG
  • 08.03.15 Oh hi 😎🎉
  • 09.08.14 So sad to hear that Death by Audio is closing down. We had so many amazing times there. <3 Edan and Matt
  • 08.19.14 RT @IMPOSE: #ShotByTheBand The final days of @viviangirls. http://t.co/AzUMRqK77s @hernameisali @iamkatygoodman @cassieramone http://t.co/K…
  • 03.05.14 RT @IMPOSE: Photos: @viviangirls' last show at @BabysAllRight with @pottymouthmass and @shellshag. http://t.co/GdvyVWGaUr
  • 03.05.14 RT @popmartmedia: Some shots of @viviangirls + @k_crutchfield for @wonderingsound: http://t.co/UMLsP7x67j http://t.co/kE9T27KlUx
  • 03.05.14 RT @acidjacknyc: Here's the final @VivianGirls show, in digital multitrack live @BabysAllRight up @nyctaper. We'll miss you, Girls. http://…