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  • Recent Activity: 09.22.16 listening to squeeze all day ✌️
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  • 09.22.16 listening to squeeze all day ✌️
  • 09.22.16 RT @exfkaty: @k_crutchfield with me. Have a fantastic show and thank you and @lizpelly for this sharing. It really impacted me. I wasn't re…
  • 09.22.16 RT @exfkaty: @k_crutchfield and my first bandmate Bonnie. There is much in here about wanting so badly to create as a girl/woman in punk th…
  • 09.22.16 RT @exfkaty: @k_crutchfield of yr band and you all and hear so openly about what y'all were hungry for. Making me choke up &miss my Del Cie…
  • 09.22.16 RT @exfkaty: @k_crutchfield thank you so much for giving me a copy of this zine. It's moving me in so many ways. I appreciate getting to se…
  • 09.22.16 suddenly want to cut my hair off like juliette lewis in W.E.G.G. but @aqcrutchfield would def be mad & y'all prob c… https://t.co/7Sq4oD1kv6
  • 09.21.16 RT @thecreativeindp: ⟁ We're happy to co-present The Friday Party at BKO with @HousingWorksBks on October 7th at @IndustryCity ⟁ https://t.…
  • 09.16.16 come hang!!!! https://t.co/HhTorRieKj
  • 09.16.16 RT @moormother: MY ALBUM COMES OUT TODAY !!! BOOSTTTTTTTTTTT https://t.co/TEY3QDrNUw
  • 09.16.16 "i love @cathy_online so much that sometimes it hurts my heart" -drunk @aqcrutchfield
  • 09.16.16 "no one has ever rocked in clogs" is a thing i said tonight but like...i kinda proved myself wrong?