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Waxahatchee is an indie folk music project, formed in 2011 by American singer-songwriter Katie Crutchfield. The band is named after Waxahatchee Creek, in Alabama. Crutchfield released her first music as Waxahatchee as a split cassette with Chris Clavin on Plan-It-X Records. Her bedroom-recorded debut album, American Weekend, was released on Don Giovanni Records in 2012.

Katie has a twin sister Allison who also played in P.S. Eliot and The Ackleys with her. Allison currently plays in the band Swearin', and the two acts toured together in 2013.

On June 11, 2012 "Be Good" was the song of the day on National Public Radio as well as one of the best 50 songs of 2012. Her debut album, American Weekend, was named a top album of 2012 by Dusted magazine. Katie wrote and recorded the album in one week while at her family home in Birmingham, Alabama. In the lyrics, she focuses in on personal relationships, exploring feelings of devastation and obsession.

A second album, Cerulean Salt, was released in the United States in March 2013 on Don Giovanni Records.

Katie signed to Wichita Recordings for the UK release of Cerulean Salt and was announced as Tegan And Sara's support on their UK tour. Cerulean Salt was released on July 1, 2013 in Britain, with Katie playing a headline UK tour in October. The album reached #1 on the Official Record Store Chart for the week of July 13, 2013.

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  • 07.29.14 RT @alldogsohio: hiyaaa we're having a lil trouble finding a space to host our show in San Francisco on 8/10. can anyone help?? thnx 💚💙💚💙💚
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