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  • 06.28.16 RT @EverythingGoats: GOATS TO HAVE MA COFFEE https://t.co/GLwnCX1WJB
  • 06.27.16 my faves are going on tour https://t.co/I90QexKk14
  • 06.27.16 RT @nprmusic: Sam Cook-Parrott (@radhostweets2u) + Michael Cantor (@TheGoodbyeParty) = The Afterglows. https://t.co/qXiJReJRt8 https://t.co…
  • 06.26.16 accidentally typed "livejournal" into my browser more than once this week.....i have a lot of feelings
  • 06.26.16 girl at the beach alone in a bikini eating a very large sandwich is my aesthetic
  • 06.25.16 taking a fake bathroom break from building ikea furniture w my S.O.
  • 06.24.16 YES 👑👑👑 https://t.co/Mn7qWX2aZT
  • 06.23.16 i'm home 👑👑👑 https://t.co/hutPUYboQ5
  • 06.22.16 when you've been on tour in the midwest for weeks and you finally reach a rest stop that has REAL SELTZER https://t.co/hLJmOhRIeM
  • 06.22.16 tfw your most heavily-complimented outfit on tour was a $4 two-piece liz claiborne suit in a subtle hawaiian print
  • 06.22.16 RT @TheKeyXPN: TONIGHT: @k_crutchfield @Chameleon_Club @tunjiige @FillmorePhilly @LisaLoeb #HaddonLakePark https://t.co/wV9YhACRdY https:/…
  • 06.22.16 last night of tour 💡💡see you tonite in lancaster https://t.co/f1JP6a8hlC