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  • Formed: San Francisco , CA
  • Years Active: 2000s
  • Website: http://weekendtheband.us
  • Recent Activity: 03.04.17 Find me on pillowcases And in corners Of stale rooms And in your stomach When it aches
  • Weekend


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All Music Guide:

While a lot of Bay Area bands tend to embrace the sunny, psychedelic side of their city's sound, San Francisco's Weekend have seemingly chosen to embrace their hometown's foggier side. Formed in 2009 by Shaun Durkan (bass/vocals), Kevin Johnson (guitar), and Abe Pedroza (drums), Weekend quickly made a name for themselves with their post-punk-shoved-through-a-shoegaze-filter sound. The trio's pounding bass'n'drum rhythms lay the groundwork for Johnson's wall of reverb-drenched guitar noise, giving the songs a dark, subterranean feeling. The whole package is tied together by Durkan's murky vocals, which feel both distant and warm, like hearing a My Bloody Valentine song on a fading radio station. After a couple of limited vinyl singles, the band signed on with Slumberland Records and released its full-length debut, Sports, in 2010. After a year that saw them touring and getting lots of good press, they returned in September of 2011 with the less noisy but still intensely poppy Red EP. The band's next album was produced by Monte Vallier and featured a sound that split the difference between the noise of the first album and the pop of Red, while adding some gloomy post-punk to the mix. Jinx was released by Slumberland in the summer of 2013.


  • 03.04.17 Find me on pillowcases And in corners Of stale rooms And in your stomach When it aches
  • 03.04.17 Why do I make So Much Skin Like my body knows I'm trying to disappear
  • 02.24.17 Share with us https://t.co/v6OOwOyJc2
  • 02.24.17 And the night, is too small
  • 02.15.17 Blind things writhe down lightless avenues. Born in violence, suckled in shadow. - Alan Moore
  • 01.02.17 RT @SlumberlandRecs: 2017 already looking up. https://t.co/SdwHLwwmMf
  • 01.02.17 Also, djing at El Cortez in Bushwick rn. Come by for a drink and some Bronski Beat. https://t.co/RbqFjPepK3
  • 01.02.17 Proud https://t.co/UvLcof0zWC
  • 01.02.17 A new year, and new inspiration. You will absolutely be hearing new music from us this year. It's a promise.
  • 11.09.16 6 years ago today we released SPORTS. This song feels right for today. This is not the outcome the people voted for. https://t.co/xNAuDn9cIu
  • 11.09.16 11.08.16 Johnson Street, Brooklyn https://t.co/cQoBq0xNvO
  • 11.02.16 Shaun scored a soon to be released short film called DITCH. Watch the trailer, and hear a sneak peek of the score: https://t.co/IYyMLJuZ39