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  • Recent Activity: 02.10.16 the great northern is hiring, saw it on craigslist.
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Brooklyn via Tacoma, Washington trio Widowspeak play dark, hazy music equally indebted to Mazzy Star's narcotic allure and the jangle of Sarah Records-style indie pop. The roots of the band go back to singer/songwriter Molly Hamilton and drummer Michael Stasiak's time in the Tacoma music scene, where they contributed songs to a compilation label before heading to New York. In the summer of 2010, the pair began working on new music together and brought guitarist Robert Earl Thomas into the fold. Using a laptop microphone and GarageBand, the trio crafted a six-song cassette that autumn dubbed The October Tape. The eclectic indie label Captured Tracks signed Widowspeak and issued the bandÂ’s debut single, Harsh Realm, in March 2011; the Gun Shy single -- which featured a cover of Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game" -- followed in June. Meanwhile, Widowspeak recorded with Woods' Jarvis Taveniere, and released their self-titled debut in August 2011. For their second album, 2013's Almanac, Hamilton and Thomas worked with Kevin McMahon to highlight the folky and Fleetwood Mac-like elements of their sound. Late that year, the band released the Swamps EP, which they described as a bridge between their previous work and their upcoming material.

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Who Are…Ghost Wave

By Hilary Hughes, Contributor

Inking a record deal is a major milestone for any band, but when it's with the quintessential indie label that's touted the talents of some of your country's favorite alt-rock icons, it's a distinction on another level. That's exactly what happened to Ghost Wave with Ages, their full-length debut. In New Zealand, Flying Nun Records has been the revered home of incendiary alternative rock, punk and reverb-ridden noise since 1981 — and the paradoxical perfection… more »


  • 02.10.16 the great northern is hiring, saw it on craigslist.
  • 02.10.16 xo, sincerely, someone in a band no one cares about. but seriously, as a listener i can't respect music if i know the guy's a jerk.
  • 02.10.16 i know that makes me a pariah, i realize he's WAY talented, but i'm tired of people giving him a free pass to say hurtful and offensive shit
  • 02.10.16 i kind of hope this new kanye nonsense means no one cares about his music, regardless of how good it is. dude is so offensive to women.
  • 02.10.16 doing psych homework, listening to jeff bridges' sleep tapes, i read "with my eyes closed" right at the moment he says it. woah dude.
  • 02.08.16 a lot of great reasons to vote for bernie sanders, from varied perspectives: https://t.co/osoFfmxBWf
  • 02.07.16 just wrote a couple angry tweets to gloria steinem, but i couldn't fully articulate how disappointed I was.
  • 02.05.16 feeling that bern
  • 02.04.16 if you don't put it on a resume they're all "why haven't you had a real job in 5 years" and if you do they look at you weird and never call.
  • 02.04.16 trying to get a job while also in a band is very difficult.
  • 02.03.16 not that any of that is individually gross, but we're all in here like, ugh i will never own a house.
  • 02.03.16 there's a gross dude in this coffee shop talking about marketing and making six figures and retiring by 50, and it hurts me.