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  • 07.23.16 RT @ozyfusionfest: "As soon as we start to look at education as a business we'll thrive"-@iamwill. #OZYFusionFest https://t.co/8BWwCjfatb
  • 07.16.16 Me @apldeap and @TabBep are doing a original @bep performance on the corner of Cole and Warring In Los Angeles Ca. At 8pm July 15th
  • 07.09.16 RT @_MikePearson: BRUH this man @iamwill popped out his whip and gave an amazing speech #BlackLivesMatter #Dallas https://t.co/REJow97OfJ
  • 07.09.16 RT @Yong181818: @iamwill @jasminedotiwala Where is the Love? https://t.co/r4tLkTSL0j
  • 07.09.16 [?] where is the love [?] https://t.co/UdyAcvztCw
  • 07.09.16 RT @Nick_GtnFitness: #BlackLivesMatterUK march was touching. It was great to see all races standing up for whats right. https://t.co/pHgok9…
  • 07.09.16 We will vote for you...and we will hold you to that... https://t.co/LkNX5eUrTF
  • 07.08.16 RT @HillaryClinton: White Americans need to do a better job of listening when African Americans talk about the seen and unseen barriers you…
  • 07.07.16 RT @HillaryClinton: Alton Sterling Matters. Philando Castile Matters. Black Lives Matter. https://t.co/GmUFN9sDH6
  • 07.07.16 RT @HillaryClinton: America woke up to yet another tragedy of a life cut down too soon. Black Lives Matter. #PhilandoCastile -H
  • 07.07.16 If your black & in the hood the cops are terrifying #differentTERRORISM Pray4 #AltonSterling & #PhilandoCastile fam https://t.co/UaBsdAlGdt
  • 07.07.16 RT @HillaryClinton: "The death of Alton Sterling is a tragedy, and my prayers are with his family." —Hillary https://t.co/Yky4ZxfbLN