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  • Will.I.Am

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  • Will.I.Am


  • 08.03.15 Honored to be featured in the @CocaColaCo #Sustainability report with @MuhtarKent & @EKOCYCLE. TY@BeaperezBea http://t.co/eiCzbU7yoC
  • 07.30.15 #Lexus...this is one of the most amazing things ive been apart of... watch our futuristic project... https://t.co/CYlHJrl93X … #NXontrack
  • 07.24.15 I hope when i’m 93 I’m going to do crazy stuff like this: http://t.co/rPxsoT3AKC. What’s on your #bucketlist? Love ya @TheNormanLear
  • 07.24.15 RT @itsGirICode: Me dealing with my life right now http://t.co/DNTrPsTxjV
  • 07.22.15 RT @SnoopDogg: @bep #yesterdayBLACKeyedPEAS back to their old school roots... http://t.co/ag1R8VeLie
  • 07.21.15 RT @PeteRock: The Black Eyed Peas - Yesterday THIS IS SO DOPE!!!! http://t.co/Nm1sUWqQIZ
  • 07.21.15 RT @DASEFXNYC: Shout out 2 @bep 4 this sick joint "Yesturday" & givin' @DASEFXNYC some props! This joint goes supa hard https://t.co/Qo4ht…
  • 07.20.15 RT @justinbieber: This is dope @iamwill . Black eyed peas hip hop history http://t.co/m1WBCOLsN9
  • 07.19.15 RT @drdre: 2 hours to go.  #ThePharmacy returns.  http://t.co/kPQsJpSkWv http://t.co/Zuz0oSM7yK
  • 07.18.15 RT @REALDJPREMIER: THIS NEW BLACK EYED PEAS VIDEO IS SO FUCKIN DOPE !!! & THA SONG TOO "Yesterday" http://t.co/4vyoJQLGLW @iamwill @apldeap…
  • 07.18.15 thanks @PlugWonDeLaSoul...you & #deLAsoul are heroes to me & @bep...without #deLAsoul there is no us #thankyou https://t.co/hcA59C3BTt
  • 07.18.15 RT @FuzzFanTab: Watch “,” by The Black Eyed Peas on @AppleMusic. @Bep @iamwill this Yesterday genius. https://t.co/SrxhKKnelq http://t.co/…