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Winky D

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Winky D (born Wallace Chirumiko in Harare) is a Zimbabwean reggae–dancehall artist, known popularly as "The Big Man" (stylized as "Di Bigman"). Winky D a.k.a. Wallace Chirumiko was born in Zimbabwe on 1 February 1983 in Harare’s ghetto, Kambuzuma the home town of some notable Zimbabwean celebrities such as prince Tendai and Radio and TV personality Admire Mhungu and Keith Mawoyo who later moved to Sunningdale

Winky D was among the artists featured in the Southern Africa Music Airwaves (SAMA) Festival 2009.

Winky D is one man who has lyrics that will continue inspiring you long after the track has stopped playing. Winky D started featuring in the GHETTO LANE CLASHES, and his victories in these contests earned him great respect amongst the fans who gave him the nickname Winky D from Wicked Deejay.

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Music career[edit]

With the help of Bartholomew Vera of BlackLab Records, Winky D went into the recording studio. His first songs in like Rasta and Head Inna War coupled by his ingenious stage performance set the dance floors very busy. Ever since Winky D has not turned back, he has released five albums with many charts hits which made him fans across the world, evidenced with successful tours in United Kingdom and South Africa. Winky D has become the new icon for Zimbabwean urban/reggae music with nicknames like, “King of Dancehall”, “The BigMan”, “The Prophet”, “Mutumwa”, “Truthsayer” being attached to him in the ghettos.

In the bid to persuade the Zimbabwean male population to get circumcised, Population Services International, and the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare initiated a Winky D and Oliver Mtukudzi duet entitled "If you know you are a champion get circumcised", and the song was launched in Harare on, 19 January 2012.

In December 2010, Winky D alongside Guspy Warrior and Terry Fabulous from Chimurenga drive in Zengeza were scheduled to perform with Capleton on New Year's Eve but after failure to reach common ground the "Musarowa bigman" Star withdrew and cancelled all his scheduled performance from Capleton's Zimbabwean Tour.

Winky D (born Wallace Chirimuko) failed to perform at President Robert Mugabe's inauguration gala held in August 2013 at the National Sports Stadium following contrasting statements about the musician's whereabouts during the event.

In 2011, Winky D made his debut at the Monash Beer fest Carnival in Johannesburg, South Africa performing alongside Black Coffee, Cabo Snoop, Winky D, Dj Snypes, Dj Leks, TshepNOZ and Sipho, Dj Luo, Kay Mack

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Winky D had 'beefs' with then popular dancehall artists such as Madcom and Daddy D.They had back and forth lyrically which he emerged as a victor en-route to become the most popular zim-dancehall act. Winky D alongside The General, Sniper Storm, were scheduled to perform as opening acts for Mavado. Winky D performed first and kept Mavado and Sniper Storm waiting backstage. Efforts were made by the organizing people of the show to get the "BIGMAN' off stage and make way for a ten-minute Sniper Storm performance but to no avail. Sniper Storm then took matters into his own hands and snatched the mic off Winky D. Sniper's actions caused a rage as the crowd threw all sorts of stuff on the stage, it also caused heated debates all over the internet and street corners across Zimbabwe as various musicians and entertainers reacted. Winky D has seen some more artist throw shots at him to get popularity off him which he has since ignored.The most popular of these is Seh Calaz who has had considerable and noteworthy attention for his disses towards the ninja president which he has also not replied but only called for peace among the zim-dancehall artists through his songs (Mafeelings,recently PaGhetto which he mentions Seh Calaz) and interviews [Poll


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Partial discography[edit]



"War""Head Ina War""Nuh Talk""Take a Run""Where you come from"Igo Figo
The Devotee[edit]


"Babylon""Battle for the future""Dem No Wrong""Mubobobo"The Ghetto""The Night""Down Ina The Ghetto""For the benjamins""Girl dem plenty""Ghetto sufferation""Ina the dark""Make up your mind""No life in bed""Nuh like it""The way you feel""Thiefing pastor""Will you""Green Lyk Mi Garden""Messi wereggea"


1. Pakitchen

2. Taitirana (feat. Ninja Lipsy)

3. Home Alone

4. Mabhazuka

5. Type Yezvimoko

6. Mukadzi Anogeza

7. Bongozozo

8. Refuri Parudo

9. First Sight

10.Ndini Ndakatanga


12. Gezera

13. Gerai Ndebvu

14. Ninja Saturday

§https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/pakitchen/id564341954 §http://www.emusic.com/album/winky-d/pakitchen/13699849/

Igo Figo[edit]

1 Controverse

2 Baby Mama Ft Shayma

3 Isusu

4 Musarova Bigman

5 She Woulda GoFt Layan & Ngonizee

6 Snepi

7 Tinokurura

8 Vaudze Ft Stunner

9 Buss Di Shot Ft Guspy Warrior


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