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The music of Brooklyn's Yeasayer is an eclectic, genre-bending journey into pop, rock, Middle Eastern and African musics, folk, and dub. Vocalist/keyboardist Chris Keating and vocalist/guitarist Anand Wilder were both raised in Baltimore, where they honed their vocal skills in a barbershop quartet and played in a high-school band, Sic Transit, before leaving town to attend different colleges. Years later, the two relocated to New York and began shaping the project that would soon become Yeasayer. Wilder's cousin, Ira Wolf Tuton, joined as the group's bassist, and drummer Luke Fasano was the last member to climb aboard in May 2006.

The band set to work on recording its debut album, All Hour Cymbals, which was unveiled to much critical acclaim (not to mention a healthy blogosphere buzz) in October 2007. International tour dates and festival appearances followed, during which the band honed its blend of live instrumentation and prerecorded samples. When it came time to record a second album, Yeasayer traveled to Woodstock, New York, and rented out the country home of percussionist Jerry Marotta. The resulting record, Odd Blood, appeared in early 2010 and showcased a different side of the band, with synthetic sounds and dance-inspired production playing a much larger role. Odd Blood proved even more successful than its predecessor in terms of album sales, and Yeasayer continued to tour internationally. In the fall of 2011, work began on the group's third album, Fragrant World. A continuation of the murkier textures of Odd Blood, the album arrived in the summer of 2012 and featured guest appearances from string player Kishi Bashi and NOMO's Elliot Bergman.

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Interview: Yeasayer

By Kevin O'Donnell, Contributor

Since their 2007 debut All Hour Cymbals, Brooklyn's Yeasayer have been making some of the most interesting and challenging art-rock of the past few years. Their records fuse hip-hop and Afropop to ambient noise and indie-rock, and their tunes are stuffed with compelling lyrical ideas. 2010's Odd Blood, for instance, was partially inspired by Ray Kurzweil's dystopian theory of the Singularity. (Google it.) If there were ever a band more suited to DJ'ing an end-of-days… more »


Interview: Yeasayer

By Elisa Bray, Contributor

"We're never scared of changing. We're more fearful of repeating ourselves," says Yeasayer's Anand Wilder, by way of shedding light on the band's shift from the poppier sound of their last album, Odd Blood to the more textured music found on their new album, Fragrant World. "We wanted to indulge our more experimental side". The Brooklyn group inventively dubbed their own music "Middle Eastern-psych-snap-gospel" and, accordingly, "experimental" is a word that often crops up in our… more »


Who Are…Gauntlet Hair

By Arye Dworken, Contributor

Walk into any barbershop and ask for the Gauntlet Hair, and there's a good chance they'll have no idea what you're talking about. That's because Andy R. and Craig Nice coined the term as teenagers — it comes from a private joke inspired by an old picture of the guitar legend Johnny Winter. (By the way, if your barber does accept the challenge, the duo insists that the outcome should look a lot like a… more »


eMusic Selects: Deastro

By Todd Burns, Contributor

No offense to eMusic's previous Selects artists, but I get the sense that the only one of the bunch that could become a genuine pop star is one Randolph Chabot. Under the name Deastro, Chabot writes the sort of pop songs that make you swoon - and then wraps them in a hyper-colored gloss of synthesizer sturm und drang. M83 is a reference point for Keeper's, his eMusic Selects release, but it's not quite accurate:… more »


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