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Zap is an onomatopoeic word for an electrostatic discharge, especially one that causes an electric shock.

Zap or ZAP may refer to:


.ZAP File, a file extension allowing publishing of an application to users where an MSI file does not existZero and Add Packed decimal, a machine instruction in the IBM Basic assembly languageZAP (Zero And Pack), xBase command to empty database table (dbf file)OWASP ZAP, a penetration testing tool for finding vulnerabilities in web applications


Entertainment1.1 Comics1.2 Fictional characters1.3 Other


Zap! (webcomic), a sci-fi webcomic by Chris Layfield and Pascalle CZap Comix, an underground comics series founded by Robert Crumb in 1968Zap Zodiac, a fictional character in a comic strip in the UK comic The Beano
Fictional characters[edit]
Zap (G.I. Joe), in the G.I. Joe universeWindbreaker (Transformers), also released as ZapZap Rowsdower, from the independent film The Final Sacrifice
ZAP (satellite television), a digital satellite television operator in Sub-saharan Africa"Zap", 1986 instrumental song by Eric Johnson on Tones (album)Zap, stage name of female bodybuilder Raye Hollitt on the TV show American GladiatorsZap! (computer game), a 2005 top-down shooter video game by GarageGames


Zap (action), a direct political action favored by early gay Liberation groupsZAP, Zenith Applied Philosophy, a breakaway sect of Scientology based in Christchurch, New ZealandZAP, Zero Aggression Principle, a personal philosophy


ZAP (motor company), or Zero Air Pollution, an electric vehicle manufacturer and marketerZap, or Zaporozhets, a long-lived series of small, rear-engined Soviet Ukrainian carsZap flaps, a high lift device used to reduce landing speeds in aircraftZAP, call sign of Titan Airways

Other uses[edit]

Zap, North Dakota, United States, a cityAGR-14 ZAP, an air-to-surface unguided rocket developed by the United States Navy in the late 1960szap, the ISO 639-3 and 639-2 code for the Zapotec languages, spoken in Mexico