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Amelia Raitt is a former writer for the television program Mr. Belvedere and has been writing about pop music of all colors and stripes for eMusic since 2005. She currently lives in Missoula, Montana, where she operates a small vegan snack shop and volunteers at the town’s Museum of American Oddities. She still gets asked to do script work for primetime shows from time to time.

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BellX1, Flock

"I could've got a job," sings Paul Noonan in "Bad Skin Day," "I could… more »

Dub Trio, Another Sound Is Dy…

There are elements of dub on Dub Trio's third album, but the band is… more »

Michael Boder, COATES: Sympho…

Gloria Coates is modern music's most prolific female composer. This r… more »

Knobody, Tha Cleanup

"If it ain't my time to shine, you're watching the wrong clock" p… more »

Franz Joseph Haydn, SCHUBERT:…

The string quartets and trios heard here were written when Franz Schubert… more »

The Parish, Storm Driven Bird…

Oakland group The Parish revels in the sound of sunshine, pairing bright,… more »

Marco Beltrami, 3:10 To Yuma…

By now, the template for a Western film score has been well set by Morric… more »

Jason Ringenberg, Best Tracks…

Known primarily for his '80s work with the cowpunk group Jason &… more »

Jim Lauderdale, Honey Songs…

Fresh from his Grammy Award-winning Bluegrass Diaries, Jim Lauderdale ret… more »

Halou, Sawtooth EP

A San Francisco trio playing dreamy rock, Halou are a talented group led… more »

The Jones Street Boys, Overco…

Nope, these Jones Street Boys aren't the Bensonhurst bruisers from Th… more »

Young Husband, Could They Be…

Young Euan Hinshelwood has Morrissey's worldview and Ray Davies'v… more »

Mike Ladd, Nostalgialator…

It has to be some kind of irony that a rapper who calls himself a post-fu… more »

Brian Tyler, Rambo – Or…

Uncertain times require bold heroes, and bold heroes require worthy theme… more »

Shriekback, Cormorant…

The eighth record from Shriekback — a group that features Gang of F… more »

Tyler Bates, The Devil’…

The transition from music to film has been an easy one for Rob Zombie. Hi… more »

The B12 Boys, Roger’s C…

The alleged steroid use of Roger Clemens is the subject of "Roger's C… more »

The Whitsundays, The Whitsund…

The Whitsundays are from Canada, but their heart belongs Britain. The son… more »

John Adams, BARTOK, Bela: Blu…

The first woman conductor of a major American orchestra (Baltimore) takes… more »

Grandaddy, The Sophtware Slum…

The repeated mantra at the end of the opening track from Grandaddy's… more »

Ossie Davis, Autobiography of…

"This is the partial autobiography of one of the greatest figures in Amer… more »

Rebekah Higgs, Rebekah Higgs…

Forget Toronto. Forget Montreal. Halifax, Nova Scotia might just be the n… more »

The Green Pajamas, Box of Sec…

While the Green Pajamas began as a neo-psych outfit ready and willing to… more »

Kitaro, Sacred Journey of Ku-…

Legendary New Age/ambient producer Kitaro never had much formal training.… more »

25-48 of 666

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Doomtree, All Hands

By Britt Robson, Contributor

All Hands consolidates the advances made by Doomtree on the hip-hop collective's breakthrough disc from 2011, No Kings. Like that 10th-anniversary collection, All Hands was initiated by the group's three producers concocting mixes for the… more »

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