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Sara Jaffe, a writer of fiction and criticism, has had work recently in Paul Revere’s Horse, Encyclopedia, and Yeti. She’s co-editor of The Art of Touring, a collection of writing and art by musicians about the wild world of being on tour, an experience she knows about firsthand as former guitarist for dance-damaged post-punkers Erase Errata. She likes her guitar-sound heavy, prefers hooks to choruses, and enjoys novels that are more thought than action.

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Jamaica Kincaid, See Now Then…

The painful tension between hate and love, the two strongest and most com… more »

George Saunders, Tenth of Dec…

In Tenth of December, George Saunders uses satire to hilariously and tren… more »

Daniel Smith, Monkey Mind: A…

First, a warning to all listeners who themselves suffer from anxiety: Dan… more »

China Mieville, Railsea…

Moby Dick has retained a particular hold on the global literary imaginati… more »

Wiley Cash, A Land More Kind…

While it may have been innovative when Faulkner did it in As I Lay Dying,… more »

Charlotte Rogan, The Lifeboat…

The ship that wrecks in Charlotte Rogan’s The Lifeboat is, explicit… more »

Cheryl Strayed, Wild

An affecting memoir that voids the temptation for wholesale epiphany Ther… more »

Katherine Boo, Behind the Bea…

Combats one-dimensional depictions of life in Indian slums The “Ind… more »

John le Carré ,…

A classic of Cold War spy fiction Don’t be surprised if you need to… more »

Denis Johnson, Train Dreams…

Denis Johnson’s Train Dreams is, in many ways, a quiet novel, which… more »

Lily Tuck, I Married You for…

The aftermath of an unexpected death An unexpected death can throw the li… more »

Julie Otsuka, The Buddha in t…

How history confounds and contains us all The term “historical fict… more »

Elissa Schappell, Blueprints…

Stories that dissect the familiar tropes of womanhood The title of Elissa… more »

The Taliban Shuffle

Much more than an irreverent romp through two war-torn countries The adva… more »

T. J. English, The Savage Cit…

A strong portrayal of the tension and violence of NYC in the late ’… more »

Patricia Highsmith, Patricia…

Patricia Highsmith reveals the troubled minds behind heinous crimes Patri… more »

Loretta Lynn, Loretta Lynn: C…

Loretta Lynn is still telling it like is Loretta Lynn writes in the prefa… more »

Heather Sellers, You Don…

The gripping memoir of a woman who suffers from “face-blindness… more »

Ben Greenman, Celebrity Chekh…

A novel about the contemporary Chekhovian archetype — the celebrity… more »

Howard Norman, What Is Left t…

A dramatic novel that remains quiet and contemplative in tone Howard Norm… more »

Charles Portis, True Grit…

ever In most cases, “Movie or book?” comparisons are a matter… more »

1-21 of 21

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Interview: George Saunders

By Amanda Davidson, Contributor

George Saunders's newest story, published only as an audiobook and Kindle Single, is told from the point of view of Fox 8, the title character who pens his tale of friendship and loss by way… more »


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