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Vijith Assar


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Vijith Assar is a music critic and alleged journalist who has inexplicably been published by the Village Voice, New York Magazine, Tape Op, Rolling Stone, and McSweeney‘s. He hopes to someday make it into the Weekly World News, one way or another. He can be found at

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Air, Le Voyage Dans La Lune…

Georges Méliès’s newly restored, 14-minute 1902 sci-f… more »

The 13 Grisliest Murder Balla…

Beyond death and taxes, a further list of life’s constants would ha… more »

Album with ID #11272231

One of Kieran Hebden's more aggressive outings under the Four Tet mon… more »

Four Tet, Everything Ecstatic…

One of Kieran Hebden's more aggressive outings under the Four Tet mon… more »

Wavves, King Of The Beach…

Nathan Williams's previous album was hailed as energetic, invigoratin… more »

Built To Spill, There Is No E…

Frontman Doug Martsch may have refreshed his band's lineup yet again… more »

Alan Lomax, Alan Lomax in Hai…

The late Alan Lomax commands a nearly unparalleled reverence in American… more »

Asobi Seksu, Rewolf

You might think that an acoustic album would make for a challenging proje… more »

1-8 of 8

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Doomtree, All Hands

By Britt Robson, Contributor

All Hands consolidates the advances made by Doomtree on the hip-hop collective's breakthrough disc from 2011, No Kings. Like that 10th-anniversary collection, All Hands was initiated by the group's three producers concocting mixes for the… more »

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