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Kate Chopin, The Awakening…

[In which a late-blooming bookworm finally gets to the stuff he really sh… more »

Jhumpa Lahiri, The Lowland…

In The Lowland, Jhumpa Lahiri’s widely celebrated gifts are on full… more »

Interview: Joyce Maynard

Joyce Maynard’s After Her is a novel about two sisters, a serial ki… more »

Ivy Pochoda, Visitation Stree…

Late one night, two New York City teenagers decide to take a rubber raft… more »

Aimee Bender, The Color Maste…

Adult fairy tales can curdle quickly, but Aimee Bender proves an adept ha… more »

Margaret Atwood, MaddAddam…

It’s sad to see Margaret Atwood’s wild, ruined Earth trilogy… more »

The First Annual, Completely…

This was a stellar year for audiobooks — and a kinda star-studded o… more »

Annalee Newitz, Scatter, Adap…

There’s been no end to the deluge of books about weathering the apo… more »

Curtis Sittenfeld, Sisterland…

Twin sisters are born with extrasensory powers — and only one of th… more »

Lauren Grodstein, The Explana…

“Special Topics in Evolutionary Biology: Ethics and Debate” i… more »

Therese Anne Fowler, Z: A Nov…

Anyone familiar with Zelda Fitzgerald — and particularly anyone who… more »

Megan Shepherd, The Madman…

Megan Shepherd’s YA update of The Island of Dr. Moreau, the first i… more »

Ernest Hemingway, The Sun Als…

[In which a late-blooming bookworm finally gets to the stuff he really sh… more »

Scientology Showdown

South Park dissed them big time in a memorable episode. You’ve prob… more »

Discover: Scandinavian Murder…

What is it about Scandinavia that inspires so many tales of murder? Actua… more »

Interview: Adam Mansbach

I first met Adam Mansbach in college. We were DJs together, sharing a lov… more »

Interview: George Saunders

George Saunders’s newest story, published only as an audiobook and… more »

Ron Currie Jr., Flimsy Little…

Ron Currie Jr. begins his second novel with a clear invitation to call hi… more »

Dick Lehr and Gerard O’…

Some Bostonians used to like to paint James Joseph “Whitey” B… more »

Herman Koch, The Dinner…

Don’t read this review before listening to Herman Koch’s nove… more »

Manil Suri, The City of Devi…

Manil Suri’s enormous, hysterical opus tells two seemingly disconne… more »

Sam Sheridan, The Disaster Di…

Sam Sheridan could have been Batman. The dude is a former wilderness fire… more »

Jamaica Kincaid, See Now Then…

The painful tension between hate and love, the two strongest and most com… more »

The Luck of the Fictional

We’ve all heard about the luck of the Irish, that mythological good… more »

1-24 of 969

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Interview: George Saunders

By Amanda Davidson, Contributor

George Saunders's newest story, published only as an audiobook and Kindle Single, is told from the point of view of Fox 8, the title character who pens his tale of friendship and loss by way… more »


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