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The First Annual, Completely…

This was a stellar year for audiobooks — and a kinda star-studded o… more »

Discover: Scandinavian Murder…

What is it about Scandinavia that inspires so many tales of murder? Actua… more »

The Luck of the Fictional

We’ve all heard about the luck of the Irish, that mythological good… more »

Scientology Showdown

South Park dissed them big time in a memorable episode. You’ve prob… more »

eMusic Welcomes Brilliance Au…

Over the past few months, our audiobooks ranks have been growing even mor… more »

And the Oscar Should Go To…

We all know there are no new stories left in the world — … more »

Youthful Fumblings: A Pre-Sex…

The late great British poet Philip Larkin once wrote: “Sexual inter… more »

eMusic’s Best Audiobook…

A good book is a funny thing. Sometimes we know from page 1 that a book i… more »

2012′s Overlooked Books

When you read as much as we do, it’s inevitable that some of our fa… more »

Five Debut Novelists to Watch…

As we slide gracefully into 2013, here are five first-time novelists who… more »

Discover: The Books We’…

The whole “giving thanks” part of Thanksgiving rarely gets th… more »

Social Distortion

Politics these days can be downright depressing. Congress regularly score… more »

Fiction’s Greatest Mons…

Halloween means a lot of different things to people: coming up with the p… more »

Continuing Education

For many of us, autumn brings back vivid sense memories: the smell of fre… more »

Subway Listening

Plug in your earbuds and hide the cover – the best books you’… more »

Songs for Telegraph Avenue…

Archy Stallings and Nat Jaffe, the central characters in Michael Chabon… more »

Discover: The Best of Banned…

This week marks the 30th anniversary of Banned Books Week, officially an… more »

Discover: Historical Fiction

Why read historical fiction? For one thing, you can gain new insight on f… more »

Best Audiobooks of 2012 So Fa…

Summer is upon us. Whether the new season finds you looking for a beach r… more »

Editors’ Picks: The Boo…

If there’s one thing we’ve always loved about stepping into o… more »

eMusic Loves McSweeney’…

McSweeney’s is an indie publisher known for championing emerging li… more »

Resolution Road

It’s that time of year again — time to make some changes, to… more »

Best Books of 2011

From auspicious debuts to long-awaited returns from literary stalwarts, f… more »

eMusic Welcomes Macmillan

From touchstones of contemporary literature to cultural critiques and meg… more »

1-24 of 40

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Interview: George Saunders

By Amanda Davidson, Contributor

George Saunders's newest story, published only as an audiobook and Kindle Single, is told from the point of view of Fox 8, the title character who pens his tale of friendship and loss by way… more »


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