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The First Annual, Completely…

This was a stellar year for audiobooks — and a kinda star-studded o… more »

Discover: Scandinavian Murder…

What is it about Scandinavia that inspires so many tales of murder? Actua… more »

The Luck of the Fictional

We’ve all heard about the luck of the Irish, that mythological good… more »

Scientology Showdown

South Park dissed them big time in a memorable episode. You’ve prob… more »

eMusic Welcomes Brilliance Au…

Over the past few months, our audiobooks ranks have been growing even mor… more »

And the Oscar Should Go To…

We all know there are no new stories left in the world — … more »

Youthful Fumblings: A Pre-Sex…

The late great British poet Philip Larkin once wrote: “Sexual inter… more »

eMusic’s Best Audiobook…

A good book is a funny thing. Sometimes we know from page 1 that a book i… more »

2012′s Overlooked Books

When you read as much as we do, it’s inevitable that some of our fa… more »

Five Debut Novelists to Watch…

As we slide gracefully into 2013, here are five first-time novelists who… more »

Discover: The Books We’…

The whole “giving thanks” part of Thanksgiving rarely gets th… more »

Social Distortion

Politics these days can be downright depressing. Congress regularly score… more »

Fiction’s Greatest Mons…

Halloween means a lot of different things to people: coming up with the p… more »

Continuing Education

For many of us, autumn brings back vivid sense memories: the smell of fre… more »

Subway Listening

Plug in your earbuds and hide the cover – the best books you’… more »

Songs for Telegraph Avenue…

Archy Stallings and Nat Jaffe, the central characters in Michael Chabon… more »

Discover: The Best of Banned…

This week marks the 30th anniversary of Banned Books Week, officially an… more »

Discover: Historical Fiction

Why read historical fiction? For one thing, you can gain new insight on f… more »

Best Audiobooks of 2012 So Fa…

Summer is upon us. Whether the new season finds you looking for a beach r… more »

Editors’ Picks: The Boo…

If there’s one thing we’ve always loved about stepping into o… more »

eMusic Loves McSweeney’…

McSweeney’s is an indie publisher known for championing emerging li… more »

Resolution Road

It’s that time of year again — time to make some changes, to… more »

Best Books of 2011

From auspicious debuts to long-awaited returns from literary stalwarts, f… more »

eMusic Welcomes Macmillan

From touchstones of contemporary literature to cultural critiques and meg… more »

1-24 of 40