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Five Great Stephen King Books…

When it comes to turning books into movies, Stephen King is a hall of fam… more »

The Worst Couples in Literatu…

They’re petty, they’re dysfunctional, they fight too much, dr… more »

New Year, Same Old You

Here we are again, at the start of another year. It’s easy to have… more »

International Mysteries

High summer. The best time of year for traveling to foreign lands —… more »

Dirty Jokes In Shakespeare

The works of Shakespeare contain more than 700 puns on sex and more than… more »

Songs & Songwriters

Someone (no one can quite agree who) once said that talking about music i… more »

Classic Teen Reads

It’s hard to believe, in this age of Twilight, The Hunger Games and… more »

Queer Books

Those who have been ignored within the dominant cultural narrative must c… more »

Novelists Writing Nonfiction

One of the mysteries that comes with reading any great author’s fic… more »

Putting the "Fun" in "Dysfunc…

With late spring come showers, flowers and lots of opportunities for fami… more »

Tainted Love: An Anti-Valenti…

Valentine’s Day is the worst. If you’re single, forget it. Ev… more »

Books That Thrill

You’ve seen them in airports, and on the morning commute. They… more »

The Big Ideas of Malcolm Glad…

I think those Freakonomics guys owe Malcolm Gladwell a steak dinner. Not… more »

Holiday Blasphemy

As the days count down to Christmas and we’re collectively whipped… more »

International Bookshelf

The idea that diverse languages are a form of divine punishment, serving… more »

Guilty Pleasures

"Guilty pleasure" books aimed at a female audience often fall into two ca… more »


There’s nothing mysterious about the appeal of a whodunit: Few genr… more »

Bad Dads

As the national holiday approaches when we honor our dads with golf parap… more »

Road Trip Stories for Childre…

Whether you travel for a day, a weekend, a week or beyond, your vacation… more »

Road Trip Books for Adults

Do you often feel that you don't have as much time to read as you use… more »

The Worst Moms in Literature

This time of year, drugstore aisles are packed with cards extolling the v… more »

The Armchair Traveler’s…

Though there’s no substitute for the travel experience, reading abo… more »

Cover to Clover: Great Irish…

National holidays are usually just that: national. But St. Patrick’… more »

Celebrate National Poetry Mon…

Poetry is an art form as much for the ear as the eye. Close in form to mu… more »

1-24 of 40

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