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Kate Chopin, The Awakening…

[In which a late-blooming bookworm finally gets to the stuff he really sh… more »

Ernest Hemingway, The Sun Als…

[In which a late-blooming bookworm finally gets to the stuff he really sh… more »

Scientology Showdown

South Park dissed them big time in a memorable episode. You’ve prob… more »

Both Fan and Not

Both Flesh and Not rounds up a mélange of David Foster Wallace… more »

The Hunger Games and the Allu…

Big Brother and the Memory Hole. Guy Montag and his fire hose. Ranks of G… more »

The Albums of Dana Spiotta…

“Nik chronicled his years in minute but twisted detail.” In h… more »

Patti Smith, Just Kids

There is so much to admire about Patti Smith’s enchanting memoir, J… more »

The Writing Dead: Why We Shou…

We tend to think of suicide as desperate and impulsive, but it’s of… more »

eMusic Book Club: A Scanner D…

Welcome to the first installment of the eMusic Book Club. Digital technol… more »

1-9 of 9

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Interview: George Saunders

By Amanda Davidson, Contributor

George Saunders's newest story, published only as an audiobook and Kindle Single, is told from the point of view of Fox 8, the title character who pens his tale of friendship and loss by way… more »


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