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The Lion of Comarre & Other Stories

Arthur C. Clarke

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The Lion of Comarre & Other Stories

By: Arthur C. Clarke

Narrarated by: Harlan Ellison, Juliet Mills, Amanda Karr, Don Schlossman, Scott Brick, Michael York, Stefan Rudnicki, Gabrielle De Cuir, Maxwell Caulfield, Paul Mercier

“He is the prophet of the space age.”
The Lion of Comarre & Other Stories, in addition to the cover story, showcases Clarke’s early writings from that extraordinary short-story collection such as Rescue Party, Loophole, Retreat from Earth, and Nightfall and features readers such as Michael York, Maxwell Caulfield, Harlan Ellison and others.

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Good Stories, Some bad tracks...


There are some stories that are poorly recorded...very scratchy or have a "tinny" metallic sound. I thought this might have to do with when the various stories were recorded, but some improve in the middle of the stories.

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