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Abraham LincolnGreat American Historians On Our Sixteenth President

Brian Lamb, Susan Swain

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Abraham Lincoln

By: Brian Lamb, Susan Swain

Narrarated by: Johnny Heller, Kaili Vernoff, Grover Gardner, David Zinn

In an authoritative collection celebrating the 200th anniversary of Lincoln's birth, America's top Lincoln historians offer their diverse perspectives on the life and legacy of America's sixteenth president. Spanning Lincoln's life—from his early career as a Springfield lawyer, to his presidential reign during one of America's most troubled historical periods, to his assassination in 1865— these essays, developed from original C-SPAN interviews, provide a compelling, composite portrait of Lincoln, one that offers up new stories and fresh insights on a defining leader. Edited by C-SPAN's Brian Lamb and Susan Swain, Abraham Lincoln is a wonderful compendium of information and deeply-informed analysis that deserves a prominent place in every history lover’s library. C-SPAN is directing any royalties from the sale of this audiobook to the nonprofit C-SPAN Education Foundation, which creates teaching materials for middle and high school teachers.

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