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Standard Lesson Commentary (Complete 2011-2012 Year)

Standard Lesson Commentary

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Standard Lesson Commentary (Complete 2011-2012 Year)

By: Standard Lesson Commentary

Narrarated by: Bob Souer

Every Bible teacher wants to do just what Ezra did: to read the Word of God, to give the sense, and to lead their students to understand it. For nearly 60 years, the Standard Lesson Commentary® has provided a wealth of resources for teachers to do just that. Based on the Uniform Lesson Series, the Standard Lesson Commentary® has a rich heritage and commitment to continuing to be true to the Bible. Everything in this audio is designed to help you and your students know, understand, and apply the Bible. Each lesson starts with the Scripture text and commentary is provided to be sure the Scripture is understood. Every feature of the Standard Lesson Commentary® is designed to be true to the Bible. That’s not just our slogan—it’s our mission. Includes Scripture from the King James Version, verse-by-verse explanation of Bible text, and complete & detailed lesson background. Plus, enhance your weekly preparation and presentation of the Sunday school lessons with www.standardlesson.com. Download supplemental resources like PowerPoint® Presentations, “In the World” (downloads that pull something from weekly news articles and television shows to apply the scripture) and Maps and Charts!

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