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The Crucible

Arthur Miller

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The Crucible

By: Arthur Miller

Narrarated by: Richard Dreyfuss, Harris Yulin, Judyann Elder, Hector Elizondo, Irene Aranga, Rene Auberjonois, Michael York, Bud Cort, Ed Begley, Jr., Stacy Keach, Joe Spano

Arthur Miller's classic play about the with-hunts and trials in 17th century Salem is a searing portrait of a community engulfed by hysteria. In the rigid theocracy of Salem, rumors that women are practicing witchcraft galvanize the town's most basic fears and suspicions. The ruthlessness of the prosecutors and the eagerness of neighbor to testify against neighbor brilliantly illuminate the destructive power of socially-sanctioned violence. Written in 1952, The Crucible famously mirrors the anti-communist hysteria that held the United States in its grip. Directed by Martin Jenkins.

Starring: Richard Dreyfuss, Stacy Keach, Irene Arranga, Rene Auberjonois, Ed Begley, Jr, Georgia Brown, Jack Coleman, Bud Cort, Judyann Elder, Hector Elizondo, Fionnula Flanagan, Ann Hearn, Carol Kane, Anna Sophie Loewenberg, Marian Mercer, Franklyn Seales, Madolyn Smith, Joe Spano, and Michael York

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Amy Monaghan


Arthur Miller, The Crucible
2008 | Label: L.A. Theatre Works

A timeless tale of hysteria and persecution.
Arthur Miller has no patience for witch hunts. The Crucible, his attack on McCarthyism and the anti-Communist fervor then sweeping the nation, bowed on Broadway in 1953. Miller’s tale takes us back to an earlier era of hysteria and persecution: Salem, Massachusetts, in the 1690s. When girls fall ill after being discovered dancing around a fire in the woods with black slave Tituba, rumors of witchcraft quickly spread. To save themselves from punishment, the girls, led by manipulative Abigail Williams, accuse those who have crossed them of being witches. John Proctor, who had an affair with Abigail, suspects they are faking their violent fits in the courtroom. Only after his wife is brought before the courts does John move to denounce his former lover as a liar. Forget the flashbacks to high school homework; the all-star audio cast delivers a harrowing indictment of naming names.

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