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Sex & Satisfaction Collection OneErotic Stories

Cathryn Cooper

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Sex & Satisfaction Collection One

By: Cathryn Cooper

Narrarated by: Katy Anderson

Here is a collection of erotic short stories, offering a fresh focus on erotic writing for women. Whatever your pleasure, you'll love what you hear. Hot sex and fabulous fantasies await your delectation! The stories include:

"The Blue Roman": A pleasurable visit to an erotic strip club ends in a shocking twist.

"Netsuke": An erotic Japanese statue comes to life.

"Any Day of the Week": He set himself the challenge of seducing his girlfriend on a weeknight.

"Rock Hard": This time her rock star fantasy was going to come true.

"The V.I.P.": The sights, sounds (and men) of New York are hers for the taking.

"Don't Mind Me": A voyeur's tale of his erotic encounters.

"Favourite Flight": His opinion of flying was vastly improved by the sexy air hostesses.

"Coffee Break": His special coffee turned his sales staff into willing sex slaves.

"Fratel": She encountered a tall dark stranger on a train.

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