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See You on the Radio

Charles Osgood

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See You on the Radio

By: Charles Osgood

Narrarated by: Charles Osgood

At least twelve million people listen to Osgood every day on CBS radio, and millions more watch him on CBS News Sunday Morning. All of them would agree that no one delivers quite the way he does—the offbeat stories that make listeners stop and pay attention; the commentaries in which he shares his sense of wonder, dismay, or amusement; the well-spun tales of irony that often burst forth into wordplay or even poetry.

See You on the Radio gathers together some of the best of Osgood’s work, over one hundred essays on everything from potholes, perfumes, felons and freeloaders; to psychopaths and politicians (more alike than you think); to earthquakes, animal heirs, and the advancement of science ("Osgood’s First Law: Just because something is obvious doesn’t necessarily mean that science isn’t going to discover it tomorrow").

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