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Blood MeridianOr the Evening Redness in the West

Cormac McCarthy

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Blood Meridian

By: Cormac McCarthy

Narrarated by: Richard Poe

©1985 by Cormac McCarthy

Author of the National Book Award winner All the Pretty Horses, Cormac McCarthy is one of the most provocative American stylists to emerge in the last century. The striking novel Blood Meridian offers an unflinching narrative of the brutality that accompanied the push west on the 1850s Texas frontier. His birth ended his mother’s life in Tennessee. Scrawny and wiry, he runs away at the age of 14. As he makes his way westward, the impoverished and illiterate youth finds trouble at every turn. Then he’s recruited by Army irregulars, lured by the promise of spoils and bound for Mexico. Churning a dusty path toward destiny, he witnesses unknown horrors and suffering—and yet, as if shielded by the almighty hand of God, he survives to breathe another day. Earning McCarthy comparisons to greats like Melville and Faulkner, Blood Meridian is a masterwork of rare genius. Gifted narrator Richard Poe wields the author’s prose like a man born to speak it.

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happy to find this


i read this novel a few years ago and was blown away. it's beautifully written, poetic, almost biblical; but also modern and incredibly violent. the main protagonist - the judge - is unforgettable. i'm looking forward to experiencing it again.

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fantastic powerful gripping moving


on the face of it, the two reviewers below are shallow fools. Listen to this and The Road and any other Cormac McCarthy novel - they are all deeply powerful and moving and wonderful.

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This book started off fine, but by the end of Part 6 of 24, I had lost interest. The gross overuse of similes -- they make you want to hold your head and let out a scream -- was so egregious that I swear, I'll never write another one (I am a writer). The violence and gore grew old as well, and I found myself asking, "Why is the author so profoundly miserable?"

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Blood Meridian


This is an act of fiction loosely based upon a band of marauders operating for 2 years in the southwest US and Mexico. Although the author may be brilliant in his art the story as he has chosen to tell it, reveals a deep cry for help. Here is the story line in a condensed form. 1. Man is without hope,senseless murder to follow. 2. Man will sink to lows you have not imagined, senseless murder to follow. 3. Senseless slaughter of animals, senseless murder to follow. 4. Religion is a sham, the only true religion is war, senseless murder to follow. 5. In the beginning and in the end you have senseless murder, which is sandwiched with doom. It may be true that all writing is therapy for the writer. However, we dont have to go to the sesions. Stay away and listen to some thing else.

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