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In Dubious Battle

John Steinbeck

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In Dubious Battle

By: John Steinbeck

Narrarated by: Tom Stechschulte

A riveting novel of labor strife and apocalyptic violence that maps the frontier where the masses become a mob

At once a relentlessly fast-paced, admirably observed novel of social unrest and the story of a young man’s struggle for identity, In Dubious Battle is set in the California apple country, where a strike by migrant workers against rapacious landowners spirals out of control, as principled defiance metamorphoses into blind fanaticism. Caught in the upheaval is Jim Nolan, a once aimless man who finds himself in the course of the strike, briefly becomes its leader, and is ultimately crushed in its service.

“Dramatically intense, beautifully written. It is the real thing; it has a vigor of sheer storytelling that may sweep away many prejudices.” -The New Republic

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