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The IliadThe Epic Story of Troy

Robert Fagles, Homer, Bernard Knox

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The Iliad

By: Robert Fagles, Homer, Bernard Knox

Narrarated by: Maria Tucci, Derek Jacobi

This masterful new verse translation of Homer's classic story of the Trojan War has been hailed by critics as “an astonishing performance”and “a remarkable tour de force.” Robert Fagles, chairman of the Department of Comparative Literature at Princeton University, brings the energy of contemporary language of this 2,700-year-old epic, while maintaining the drive and metric music of Homer's poetry, as well as the impact and nuance of Homer's mesmerizing repeated phrases.

As a scholar, Fagles praises Homer's directness and simplicity, the breadth of his imagination, and the power of his song. As a translator, he brilliantly captures these very qualities—which makes this Iliad not only a superb literary work, but a tremendous listening experience.

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