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How big is eMusic's catalog?

We have a growing catalog of millions of songs. We realize you have diverse musical tastes, so our selection lets you dig deep into music from a wealth of independent labels and artists...

When do I get billed?

If you're buying à la carte from the eMusic store, you'll be charged upon purchase. However, subscription membership plans operate on 30-day cycles. So your account will refresh and your credit card will be charged every 30 days.

How do I purchase music?

After exploring our catalog, you can purchase your new discoveries anytime at retail prices from our eMusic store. Or become an eMusic subscription member to save 25-50% on music, with most tracks just $0.49 each. Every penny of membership goes directly towards downloads, and members can buy booster packs to get even more music.

What if I change my mind about my membership plan?

You can always change plans to fit your needs - or cancel at any time and buy your music à la carte instead. If you feel like downloading more music than your plan allots, you can always add music credits to it by purchasing a Booster Pack.

How do I discover new music?

Everyone’s path to discovery is different, so we designed our exploration features to be as diverse as they are entertaining. As fresh starting points, our staff singles out new albums and bands through Interviews and Editors’ Picks. With Infinite Explorations, meanwhile, you can set off on a path of endless discovery beginning with any artist you have in mind. Dig further into a musician’s catalog with our intuitive Search engine, and steer your explorations in new directions with our powerful Browse function. You’ll also find personalized recommendations throughout your eMusic experience. These suggestions go deeper than just mentioning similar artists—they’re specific to your musical appetite, inspired by what you listen to and collect.

Will eMusic downloads work on my device?

All of our high-quality MP3s play on any digital media player and mobile device. Our Download Manager will also auto-sync your downloads to iTunes, Winamp, and Windows Media Player.

Need more help? Contact customer service at help@emusic.com, or tweet us at @eMusicHelps

Offer button to get started with a $20 music credit Offer button to get started with a $20 music credit