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Tobi Vail Interviews Perfect Pussy’s Meredith Graves

By Tobi Vail, Contributor

Perfect Pussy's second album Say Yes to Love is an atom bomb of sound, a 24-minute blast of noise and power that is as arresting as it is invigorating. But buried beneath the chaos are true, deeply-felt lyrics about loss and strength and sadness. Meredith Graves is the consummate frontwoman, and her force-of-nature charisma is what gives Perfect Pussy so much of their incredible dynamism. We asked Tobi Vail, drummer for the legendary band Bikini… more »


A Conversation About Detroit With Protomartyr

By Evan Minsker, Contributor

Wayne County, Michigan, is etched deep into the musical DNA of acid-tongued post-punk quartet Protomartyr. Their 2013 debut album No Passion, All Technique (released by Detroit's Urinal Cake Records) featured a song called "Jumbo's," named after a local bar; "Ypsilanti," inspired by a book that takes place in a town one county over; and "Feral Cats," which had lyrics about the city's abundant broken streetlights. Detroit looms just as large on their new album, Under… more »


Cloud Nothings’ Long Road to Here and Everywhere

By Andrew Parks, Contributor

Cloud Nothings can't wait to escape the walk-in closet in which we've stuck them. "Are we done yet?" says drummer Jayson Gerycz, half-joking, his voice suggesting the button-down shirts and billowy blouses are slowly closing in on him. There's something a bit surreal about living in a stranger's Airbnb apartment under normal circumstances, but it gets even weirder when you're you're taking candid photos in their closet, passing around a G Pen, drinking malty… more »

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Thee Oh Sees, Drop

2014 | Label: Castle Face / The Orchard

Over the course of six years and a torrent of LPs, EPs, and 7-inches, Thee Oh Sees both embodied the greasy charm of gutbucket garage-rock and demonstrated to other bands in the genre that an adventurous spirit can thrive inside a traditionalist framework. Hotrod ’50s rockabilly, demented psychedelia, super-charged surf, mind-melting Krautrock, ear-shredding noise — all of these styles and more could be heard on TOS’ myriad releases, sometimes working in concert, other times colliding in thrillingly abrasive ways. Thee Oh Sees conveyed this sensibility most profoundly on stage, where… more »

Woods, With Light and With Love

2014 | Label: Woodsist / Revolver

The excellent Brooklyn band Woods has recently backed away from its image as (to quote an unfortunately-worded Noisey headline) “gross, smelly hippies.” Not that they ever had anything to apologize for. Sure, earlier efforts like 2011′s At Echo Lake and ’12′s Sun and Shade were a little jammy and espoused a quaint nature-boy ethos. But they were also focused, concise and consistently-melodic folk-pop records, more akin to mid-’80s R.E.M. than the Grateful Dead. With 2012′s Bend Beyond and the new With Light and With Love, Woods have become even… more »

Jessica Lea Mayfield, Make My Head Sing…

2014 | Label: ATO Records

Jessica Lea Mayfield may be best known as the airy-voiced young protégé of garage rockers the Black Keys, but there’s more grit to her than that. Despite her neo-country roots, her third LP makes clear that she knows her way around a Hole record (and might even have a copy of Dopesmoker tucked away somewhere, too). The piercing chords on opening track “Oblivious” jut out of a syrupy, messily distorted stoner doom riff, bass-heavy and sleepy-eyed. Mayfield’s wispy vocals rise up through the gloom, striding into the spotlight. A faint… more »

Afghan Whigs, Do to the Beast

2014 | Label: Sub Pop Records

Since 2012, the Afghan Whigs have operated not so much in the present as in a strange state of suspended animation — a kind of “active pause” between their past and their future. Their last album, 1965, came out in 1998; the band dissolved three years later via a press release that cited “geographical distance” as the primary reason. During their initial run, they inspired a kind of cultish adulation — they were also by no means universally beloved. I was firmly “pro-”; Gentlemen, their 1993 masterpiece, hit me… more »

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Gimme Indie Rock!

By Marc Hogan, Contributor

Calling all poseurs, dilettantes and part-time punks: Check your head and check your cred at the door. From Buzzcocks to Iceage, from dream-pop to chillwave, Gimme Indie Rock gives you the sickest vibes out of the scene that can't stand to be pigeonholed. Whether Dum Dum Girls or the Strange Boys, the Field Mice or Killer Mike, James Blake or PJ Harvey, you'll hear them all here — where it's totally OK to hang the… more »

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