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Medicine, Home Everywhere

2014 | Label: Captured Tracks / SC Distribution

Brad Laner started Medicine in 1990 in his mid 20s, while he was still moonlighting with post-punkers Savage Republic. He quickly turned the then-side project into a shoegaze institution (with a twist of noise) before disbanding in 1995. There was a brief reincarnation in 2003, but the 2013 full-length To the Happy Few represented Medicine’s true return to the indie-rock fray.

Happy Few was a comforting comeback for longtime fans, but the trio were so eager to pump out fresh ideas that they often forgot to fold them into… more »

Negativland, It’s All in Your Head

2014 | Label: Seeland / Revolver

On their 1987 album Escape From Noise, Negativland titled one of their songs, simply, “Christianity Is Stupid.” Now, close to 30 years later, the Bay Area-based sound-collage collective has a more thoughtful perspective on the subject of faith and religion.

Built from materials used for the live performances Negativland have put on since 2005, the group uses It’s All In Your Head to reassert their belief that Christianity (and Judaism and Hinduism and Islam) is dumb. But, as the title of the project suggests, there may… more »