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Collector’s Edition: Nude Beach’s Ryan Naideau on His Most Prized Records

By , Production Editor

[Collector's Edition is a series in which musicians share the stories behind the most interesting items in their collections.] "There are a lot of hungover people in my house right now," Ryan Naideau warns as we walk up the stairs to his Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, apartment. He and his roommates threw a party the night before and empty beer bottles and cigarette packs litter the backyard. Drummer for rock 'n' roll trio Nude Beach, hardcore band Warthog… more »

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Classical Music For A Modern World

By Seth Colter Walls, Contributor

Sure, we play Bach, Beethoven and Mozart -- though we also dig the early music of Tallis, chance works by Cage, arias from Verdi and John Adams, as well as the composers on New Amsterdam records. Everything here was released after 2008, too, which is another way of declaring that notes written down on paper are still some of the most exciting ones to hear in all of contemporary music. more »

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