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How Barbara Lynn Changed the Blues Forever

By John Morthland, Contributor

[dek class="right"]They knew Barbara Lynn was coming. People were throwing money at me onstage, and guys were trying to grab my leg. I'm not trying to brag, but I really was the talk of that town.[/dek] Barbara Lynn, who topped rhythm and blues charts in 1962 with "You'll Lose a Good Thing," which also crossed over to the pop Top 10, doesn't like to think of herself as a pioneer; it makes her feel like she's… more »

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Classical Music For A Modern World

By Seth Colter Walls, Contributor

Sure, we play Bach, Beethoven and Mozart -- though we also dig the early music of Tallis, chance works by Cage, arias from Verdi and John Adams, as well as the composers on New Amsterdam records. Everything here was released after 2008, too, which is another way of declaring that notes written down on paper are still some of the most exciting ones to hear in all of contemporary music. more »

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