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Alt/Punk Essentials

Alternative music takes the risk of running against the flow of pop, and… more »

Southern Indie

The West produces punk rockers screwed up by perfect weather and soul-cru… more »

Sarah Lee Guthrie's Kids…

Sarah Lee Guthrie didn't grow up playing, writing or performing music… more »

Philly Soul, Pt. 2

The Sound of Philadelphia is the sound of home to me. I grew up in Philly… more »

Spiritual Roots of the Mounta…

For the last 18 years, John Darnielle has built a career on writing stori… more »

Kids Music

I'd like to think that my nine-year-old daughter's impeccable tas… more »

Sonic Youth Side Projects

After 28 years of fuzzy drug ballads and noisy guitar freakouts, it's… more »

Operatic Sopranos

When Paramount Pictures recruited the Met's new Wagnerian sensation K… more »

Singing Songwriters

As Sammy Fain says on one of these albums, the old adage about children c… more »

Philly Soul

I was born into the Sound of Philadelphia family in 1974. My father, Larr… more »

Smith vs. Jones

What's in a name? When I did the Big vs. Little and Slim vs. Fats doz… more »

Criss Cross

The biggest hurdle when compiling a Dozen devoted to the Criss Cross labe… more »

IDM Dozen

Even for those of us who generally dismiss the flower-childish notion tha… more »

Brass Bands

"New Orleans is the hippest city on the planet," wrote a DJ for the city… more »

…Trail of Dead Dozen

For the last ten years, …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead… more »

A Dozen of Funk

Funk used to be a bad word. Today, though, it denotes a rhythmic continuu… more »

Women of World Music

Good — even great — singers are everywhere. But true icons ar… more »

Underrated Female Jazz Vocali…

Lately it seems that female jazz singers come in two flavors. There's… more »

Saddle Creek Dozen

In an era where big labels are bleeding money while playing internet bad… more »

New Orleans Piano Professors

They played for (often lavish) tips in the bordello parlors of turn-of- t… more »

The New Sound of Scotland

Not since the revival of the 1960s has Scottish folk music been as strong… more »

Righteous Babe Dozen

Like many indie record labels, Righteous Babe offers an undiluted distill… more »

My Dozen

In music, it's a sense of adventure I love the most. I like to put on… more »

Go-Go Music!

Once upon a time Washington D.C.'s go-go and New York hip-hop were bo… more »

1-24 of 371

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