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eMusic Celebrates Record Store Day

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From Our Editors


  • 06.24.16  iTunes customer: "the new @deerhoof or @thestrokes"? eMusic member: "Why choose?" https://t.co/4npAFsKnJk
  • 06.23.16  Final hours! Last chance to take advantage of the double booster sale! https://t.co/hqk0XzVX92
  • 06.22.16  RT @BooksOnTheKnob: #Free #MP3 @eMusic Hoochie Woman https://t.co/sgZexhNkfp #Country #music https://t.co/kX1s02eSrZ
  • 06.22.16  RT @yeproc: Haven't checked out @tonyjoewhite's Rain Crow yet? "Hoochie Woman" is the daily download on @eMusic. https://t.co/eal3onCy8E
  • 06.22.16  10 big album releases this summer ...https://t.co/Q0zmvqOseD
  • 06.20.16  Mitski's Puberty 2 makes us want to grab a guitar and sing it ourselves. Run, don't walk! https://t.co/N0T9oBlRuL
  • 06.19.16  Sunday afternoon listening for dad... our editors lists of indie greats https://t.co/RENGxyKm7D
  • 06.19.16  Folk loving dads, take note -- this playlist is for you! Happy Father's Day from our editorial staff. https://t.co/3ClGE71j9x
  • 06.18.16  If you've got a hidden black sabbath tat, this dad's playlist is for you. Happy (metal) Father's Day! https://t.co/zoG9wQbY9g
  • 06.17.16  Free EDM Daily Download while you're checking out all the new releases. Thump thump click buy ahhh... https://t.co/upHLpSx9rP