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04.29.17 @jwieder Let us know if you need any further help.

04.28.17 @corrosive6809 Not at this time.

04.28.17 @RevLJP Just emailed you to follow up.

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Q. Problems with Payment Updating?

A.   We\'ve had a lot of emails lately regarding troubles updating one\'s Payment Method on their eMusic account. If you are updating your Payment Method, make sure to manually fill out every field. Even if your credit card number is still the same, and only the expiration date has changed, re-enter the credit card number and expiration in full and then submit the… more »

Q. eMusic Cloud FAQs

A.   We’re excited to now be part of TriPlay; the cloud services company behind MyMusicCloud. As we have now added cloud storage to eMusic, this page answers some of the questions eMusic members are asking about the cloud as it relates to their eMusic account.   1) What is the \"My Music\" Tab? 2) Are all my previous eMusic downloads going to show up… more »

Q. Download problems after updating to Windows 10?

A.   As always with any new update to software or an operating system, there is a potential for issues to arise. This can typically be due to established settings being disabled when a major update has occurred.   Here are the issues we\'ve seen thus far:   1- Download Manager does not open upon initiating a download, and it appears nothing else happens.   2- An .emx… more »

Q. New Download Manager build is available!

A.   We\'re happy to announce that we now have a new build of the eMusic Download Manger: Version 6.0.5.   If you haven\'t already, you\'ll be prompted to update to this latest version, which addresses some of the more common issues that have been reported:   1. Improved EMX file association and handling for browsers without plugin support (like Google Chrome) 2. Support for iTunes 12… more »

Q. Downloading with Google Chrome

A.   Starting in September 2015, Google Chrome stopped supporting plugins. Our site and software did rely on plugins, however the last update to the eMusic Download Manager handles this change.   However, if you had a previous issue with downloading on Chrome, and we instructed you to enable the NPAPI plugin to resolve it, that is no longer going to be available on… more »

Q. Downloading with Internet Explorer

A.   If you are a Windows user and tend to use the default internet browser on your computer (Internet Explorer), please note that while eMusic does work on Internet Explorer, we find that it can also have the most issues in general, so if you are having trouble using Internet Explorer, we will suggest you use a browser like FireFox or… more »

Q. Downloading with FireFox

A.   If you are experiencing recent issues with downloading where the eMusic Download Manager does not start or function when you click to purchase a track or album, then you may need to see if you\'ve got the Download Manager plugin enabled on your internet browser.   You actually should see a message displayed just under your browser\'s toolbar when you first attempt… more »

Q. I use Internet Explorer as my browser and have trouble using eMusic.

A. There are two things you\'ll want to know if you are using Internet Explorer as your browser: 1-If you are still on version 7 of Internet Explorer, we are no longer supporting that version. You will need to update to Internet Explorer 8 or 9. 2-If you are using 64-bit Internet Explorer, this is not fully compatible with the Download Manager.  You… more »

Q. I keep getting prompted to install the Download Manager, but I already have it installed.

A. It appears that your browser is not storing or recognizing the cookie to detect that you already have the eMusic Download Manager.  Please go to this page to set a cookie so that your browser detects the eMusic Download Manager.   http://www.emusic.com/dlm/install/   You should no longer be asked to upgrade or install after clicking Continue to Album Page however, you may want to… more »

Q. As an eMusic member, can I purchase á la carte?

A.   Our new á la carte store is designed for people who might not be ready for membership.  At this time, it’s a separate feature that cannot be mixed with membership.  Keep in mind though that as a member you continue to save 25-50% off retail prices.  And, if you run out of membership credit before your refresh date, you can… more »