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Q. What is Wondering Sound?

A.   Wondering Sound is a new music publication from the editorial team behind eMusic and the dedicated new home for features, interviews, news and photography.  Adding a distinct banner to an already independent voice ensures Wondering Sound’s world-class contributors the freedom to explore the music landscape regardless of catalog – and best meet the needs of our members as they embrace an ever-expanding range… more »

Q. New troubles with Downloading? News regarding Java

A.   We\'ve recently seen some users who are having trouble with downloading when they had not had trouble before. This could be related to security updates with Java and possibly that Java is turned off on the browser.   Start by checking to see if you do have Java enabled on your browser by going to this page and following the instructions for… more »

Q. I use Internet Explorer as my browser and have trouble using eMusic.

A. There are two things you\'ll want to know if you are using Internet Explorer as your browser: 1-If you are still on version 7 of Internet Explorer, we are no longer supporting that version. You will need to update to Internet Explorer 8 or 9. 2-If you are using 64-bit Internet Explorer, this is not fully compatible with the Download Manager.  You… more »

Q. I keep getting prompted to install the Download Manager, but I already have it installed.

A. It appears that your browser is not storing or recognizing the cookie to detect that you already have the eMusic Download Manager.  Please go to this page to set a cookie so that your browser detects the eMusic Download Manager.   http://www.emusic.com/dlm/install/   You should no longer be asked to upgrade or install after clicking Continue to Album Page however, you may want to… more »

Q. As an eMusic member, can I purchase á la carte?

A.   Our new á la carte store is designed for people who might not be ready for membership.  At this time, it’s a separate feature that cannot be mixed with membership.  Keep in mind though that as a member you continue to save 25-50% off retail prices.  And, if you run out of membership credit before your refresh date, you can… more »

Q. I’m a Windows 8 user and I cannot install the DLM, or download from the site

A.   We\'ve had some Windows 8 users reporting trouble either installing the Download Manager, or downloading music from our site.   If you are one of these users, it is possible that you may be using the “mobile” platform to open a browser window and are trying to either install the download manager, or download tracks while in that \"mobile\" platform (see image… more »

Q. I’m on a Mac and I cannot install the eMusic Download Manager. What can I do?

A. If you are seeing an \"unknown publisher\" message, you are most likely on version 10.8 (Mountain Lion).   This version is pre-set to allow only applications that are coming directly from the app store. Unfortunately, since our eMusic Download manager is not coming from the app store, this message let\'s you know that the application (our eMusic Download Manager) cannot be installed… more »

Q. My music did not download, but it has still counted against my monthly balance. What happened?

A.If the “Retry” button is not available on a failed download, and if you have already attempted to locate the file on your system without success but find that you have been charged for the track nonetheless, please contact Member Services for instructions and assistance. On rare occasions, technical problems can result in download errors of this nature.