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Ani DiFranco


The Many Voices Inside tUnE-yArDs’ ‘Nikki Nack’


By Laura Leebove, Managing Editor[In each Six Degrees feature, we explore the sonic and spiritual connections to one record. — Ed.] [album-card name="Nikki Nack" artist=tUnE-yArDs released="2014" label="4AD" link="http://tune-yards.com/" image="http://wp-images.emusic.com/assets/2014/05/Tune-Yards-Nikki-Nack.jpg" class="right"] Merrill Garbus is a realist. She's a liberal arts college-educated white… more »


Folk Goes Punk


By Peter Blackstock, ContributorHow exactly does one identify "folk-punk"? There's no easy answer, as different artists within the subgenre's horizons arrived at its intersection via different journeys. One could argue that Woody Guthrie was not only the original… more »