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Crystal Stilts


Download: Crystal Stilts, “Future Folklore”

Crystal Stilts

Crystal Stilts

By Wondering Sound Staff, Contributor

Happiness is hard to come by in the world of Crystal Stilts — heavy on Joy Division, not much joy, plenty of White Light, White Heat and a total dearth of sunlight. And yet, there’s something extremely comforting about the NYC mope-mavens, as they inform you that the Velvet Underground, Flying Nun and Lee Hazelwood records that got passed down from your cool uncle to your older sister to yourself (and onto your teenage cousin) can and should be required listening for anyone who considers themselves a fan of indie rock. Now 10 years into their career, Crystal Stilts have about five decades’ worth of ironclad credibility giving them reason to stay the course on their third LP Nature Noiremore »


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