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Grass Widow


Cold Beat Mourn the Death of San Francisco

Cold Beat

By Tobias Carroll, ContributorFile under: Frosty post-punk with shadows in the windows and ghosts in the graveyard For fans of: Joy Division, early Cure, the Aislers Set at a seance From: San Francisco Personae: Hannah Lew (bass/vocals), Kyle King (guitar), Sam Lefebvre (drums) San Francisco's Cold Beat make haunting, compelling rock music from seemingly disparate elements. On Over Me, the group's thrilling full-length debut, singer/guitarist Hannah Lew's songs veer from austere, chilly goth to apocalyptic surf rock — sometimes within the same song. With Cold Beat, Lew further refines the approach she first explored with Grass Widow, blending stiff, propulsive rhythms with dreamy, drifting vocals, for songs that are equal parts dread and ecstasy. Tobias Carroll sat down with Lew to talk about the album's origins, her other musical ventures, and how her work in video affects her songwriting. [dek class="right"][I struggle] with depression, and I think music is one of the few places where it's OK to talk about… more »


Jukebox Jury: Frankie Rose

Frankie Rose

By J. Edward Keyes, Editor-in-ChiefIn our experiment, Frankie Rose went undercover to talk to real-life space travelers about their experiences beyond the stars, and to ask them about the similarities between her album and the cosmos that inspired it.… more »