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The 10 Most Unlikely Reunions in Music

Bloc Party

By Arye Dworken, ContributorSummer is festival season, but lately, festival season is actually just reunion season. Beginning with Coachella's uncanny knack for raising the dead (sometimes with the assistance of a hologram), bands are proving with alarming regularity… more »


Sting, Brand New Day

By Wayne Robins, ContributorThe title song comes by its breezy soulfulness naturally, with Stevie Wonder on harmonica. It ends this stylistically diverse album, full of millennial thoughts, on a tone of optimism. The global layovers this time include… more »

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The Wolf at the Door: Stalin and Prokofiev

The Wolf at the Door: Stalin and Prokofiev

By Michael Azerrad, ContributorPeter and the Wolf is one of the enduring favorites of children's music. Generations of children have sat in rapt attention, listening to the tale of the plucky Peter and the scary wolf, while at… more »