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New This Week: Guerilla Toss, Neil Young & More

By J. Edward Keyes, Editor-in-Chief

Just a handful of New Arrivals today as we head fully into the holiday season. Let us know what we missed in the comments. Guerilla Toss, Gay Disco: Listening to Guerilla Toss involves dancing your ass off and bleeding from the ears, says Douglas Wolk: A quintet from Boston's punk rock underground, Guerilla Toss belongs to the odd, persistent strain of brutally dissonant groove bands: the Contortions, the Big Boys, Dog Faced Hermans, Melt-Banana. Their take on… more »

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Download: Jacco Gardner, “Puppets Dangling”

By Andrew Parks, eMusic Contributor

The short line on Cabinet of Curiosities is that it feels like a forgotten treasure of the psychedelic '60s, its swirl of strings, acid-eating melodies and dreamy, mirage-like harmonies cut from the same dosed tab as Strawberry Alarm Clock, Syd Barrett and the Zombies. But to pin Gardner as merely retro is to short-sell him. Cabinet's craftsmanship is astonishing, its rich chiaroscuro arrangements all meticulously designed and implemented. He's a weird wizard of song working… more »

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Various Artists, Africa Express Presents: Maison des Jeunes

By Michelangelo Matos, eMusic Contributor

Put a lot of musicians in a room over the course of a week, and you may end up with a whole lot of jamming and not much more. Maybe that happened during the seven… more »

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