What is eMusic?

eMusic is the digital music club for music lovers and artists.

We do things differently. Here a rare breed of editors and writers, (or as they prefer to be known, music fans) put the music in context, making meaningful music connections across a mix of new and old. Here you will enjoy regular discounts on music (and audiobooks!) and exclusive benefits for eMusic members only. In short, eMusic is a club with a few hundred thousand music lovers enjoying a just-right way to find and own wonderful music.

Join us and escape the mind-numbing mess of brief-lived blog darlings and high-gloss purveyors of over-promoted popstuff clogging the internet underbrush.

eMusic is about the Love of Music

You have a lot of options when it comes to spending money on music, including spending nothing. So why become an eMusic member? If you enjoy owning a collection, want more than the fleeting experience of streaming or radio but still love making new discoveries, you are natural for eMusic. If you already buy an album or two a month you'll almost certainly save money compared to what you're spending today – eMusic's everyday prices on albums are 25% - 35% less than iTunes and Amazon à la carte prices, always. That's reason enough for a good many of our members. But eMusic is about much more than a great deal.

eMusic is about the love of music. Based on your listening preferences we take you to great new music as well as tell the story behind the classics. We unearth forgotten gems, make connections that lead you to new music and make the music you already love a little richer. Call it a curated approach. eMusic is perfect for people who love music but don't have 20 hours a week to stay on top of what's going on. We make sense of it all so you can find and enjoy the music you love.

Great Value = More Discovery

We haven't met anyone who doesn't appreciate a good deal. eMusic has always offered better pricing than most, if not all, legal services. What many of our members have told us is that our better prices allow them to explore more, take more chances. Better prices means eMusic makes music discovery easier.

Own Your Music

eMusic sells high-quality MP3s. You download them, you own them. Don't confuse us with rental or streaming services. Your music is yours to keep.

More than a Store – Membership in a Club

While we do sell music, eMusic is more than a music store -- it is a club where being a member has unique benefits. It's our mission to give you, our fellow fans, a stronger connection to music and artists. It's a club where you can discover new artists thanks to like-minded fans. Further, with the Access + Rewards© program we serve members with exclusive experiences, such as a chance to have dinner with your favorite band before a show, as well as regular ticket sweepstakes and exclusive discounts on music related gear.

In summary we're here for the love of music. For more than a decade we've been bringing the music that matters to hundreds of thousands of members–for up to 50% less than iTunes à la carte prices. Join The Club.

Company Background

eMusic began life in 1995 as a CD retailer. In 1998, we were one of the first retailers to commit to DRM-free music, selling only MP3 format files, and in 2000, we launched the world's first digital music subscription service. eMusic was the first service to sell audiobooks in MP3 format in 2007.

Since 2003, Dimensional Associates, an operating company that manages private equity investments made by JDS Capital, has owned the company and built it into a successful platform for music sales. In the last several years, eMusic dramatically increased its membership, expanded into 27 EU nations, Switzerland, Norway and Canada, grew the music catalog to over millions of tracks and sold more than 400 million music downloads. eMusic is headquartered in New York City with an office in London.